Rpt: Ebola Aid Workers, Journalists Killed “In Cold Blood” In Guinea – Cavuto

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Rpt: Ebola Aid Workers, Journalists Killed “In Cold Blood” In Guinea – Cavuto =========================================== **Please Click Below to SUBSCRIB…


Richard Wendt says:

Another superstition in Liberia is that you remove the women’s genitals and
carry it in your wallet as a source of power. And Fox recommends sending
your brightest in without any method of defence. Oh yeah, what a great

aservantofyhvh says:

How does an imperialist country stealthily take over a region of the world?
Simple, infect the population with a patient virus which only you have the
Then send in your armed forces under the guise of humanitarian crisis, you
know to help contain the spread.
Then when the host country gets wind of the real intention, use that
humanitarian force to overthrow its leaders.
Then install collaborators who will turn a blind eye so you can finish off
the majority of the population with vaccines that end up more harmful then
the actual virus.
O, wait, don’t forget to install in the parasitic country a president who
looks like the people from the host country.
Cover your base, stupify, deny and smile. 

Ayizan Velekete Bwa says:


ctaylor960 says:

Maybe if whites stop flying over there to infect them in the first place
they wouldn’t be killed…and of course they think you brought it to
them…they didn’t have it before you came there lmao…took them long
enough to understand that but finnally they do…leave them people the fuck
alone always trying to stick them with needles and invade thier lands white
people…sad part is it won’t be long before America is draining them of
resources like iraq…African countries have the most resources of
everything in the world so im not surprised…smh

Richard Wendt says:

Also, that mission in black hawk down into Mogadishu, It was a raid on a
hostile city to capture a rebel leader, Mohamed Farrah Aidid, not a aid
mission. Where on earth do these guys get their facts from!?

Richard Wendt says:

What? Black Hawk Down? That’s West Africa. East and West Africa are very
different. One’s Muslim and the other is very witch doctor and superstition
based. That news report said nothing of value at all. What a joke.

Essentially Fox said, oh, black people, they’re all the same. Come on, what
an ignorant and naive news piece.

Liberia is a country where 70% of all women have been raped at least once
in their life. It is a country that has been ravaged by war, with factions
under command of guys like General Charles Taylor, General Mosquito,
General Butt Naked, General Rambo, etc. I’m not joking. Coked up teenagers
running around naked fighting other teenagers dressed as transvestites.

Why? They believed that by fighting naked or in drag they were invincible.
Oh, and eating human flesh, especially that of children, made them
invincible too. And fox news advocates sending no protection for the Aid
Workers? That is absolute insanity – superstitions. Dangerous
superstitions. In Liberia they worship the american army. They wouldn’t
touch the american army. The rebels were even pledging support for the US
in Iraq/Afghanistan. Why? God knows.

Essentially in East Africa there is a modern science VS ancient
superstitions battle going on. These people have extremely low levels of
education. They believe that Ebola is being brought to Africa by westerners
etc. This is why a large amount of the efforts to educate are not working.
Pacifying/non violent force is required.

Claycat4 says:

Don’t send our soldiers! It is insanity!

Soul love says:

They arent trying to help. They are spreading the disease.

48cocosheba says:

Germ warfare! Just like aids. The us know there’s oil in west Africa. If
they really sent them to help. Why didn’t they send ppl to Sudan when ppl
were being murdered in the thousands!

stbx43z says:

FOX news like all other main stream media is full of shit ! US soldiers is
sent to allegedly ebola infected areas “can’t” do anything to help ebola
infected people! Obviously the troops are their for another reason, GOLD,
DIAMONDS, OIL or some other reource grabbing !

jamesdelab1 says:

United Nations has become very creepy to see them try and project their NWO

Joshua Kennedy says:

Educate yourself before going on national TV and humiliating yourself, Fox
News is the wheel to continuance racism in this country, this is so
inaccurate and make the anchor look foolish. Get your fact right SIR!

Michelle Parker says:

The president losing his mind if our troops go to West Africa! He needs to
listen at the guy who’s telling him right

NSTP - Wake The Hell Up America! says:

Rpt: Ebola Aid Workers, Journalists Killed “In Cold Blood” In Guinea –
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