RED ALERT! Whistleblower Says Ebola Cases Being Covered Up

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A doctor has exclusively revealed to Infowars that health authorities are covering up Ebola cases in the United States and disappearing patients in an effort…


Sky zoophone channel says:

Miners working in Liberia are on strike since half a year!!! Is that a
reason enough to send UN personne, or Us military to this country and in
the 3 others that have borders with Liberia???

JOOGAL1111 says:

RED ALERT cases being covered up apart from the one they just announced.
Fuck off jones like you your whistleblower is whistling dixie.

Star Dust says:

I do not know what to believe but l do know that people are getting sick…

macpduff says:

Thomas Duncan was the first Liberian patient to die in the US. His family,
who was living with him were in quarantine.
What happened to his family? Surely they must have caught the disease. Why
don’t we hear about them? Where are they?

Michael Lansing says:

We have a new Gestapo in the United States. They are secretly hunting down
people with Ebola, bringing them to FEMA camps and telling them they will
be cured, but they will be murdered.

MAJ-12/SM420 says:

Guys- USE your heads. Why does the U.S. have multiple patents on Ebola? Why
does South Africa have dirt on us concerning trading deadly diseases for
technology? Why is Ebola “here”- when we’ve known about the horrific
illness that it is? We BROUGHT it here. Why are vaccines already made but,
not introduced to the nation…yet? And why will they INSIST on you and
your family to get vaccinated when the time comes? You know why. It’s in
your heart- that place where nothing can enter without your permission.
Look there- find the answer.

Tracy B says:

if it is so unsustainable info, why would a Dr bring this forth knowing his
license is on the line…Alot of people are afraid to step out in front of
the GOV and that will make it harder for the people wanting the REAL info
on Ebola hard to get. I want to know, I want to protect my family, I could
give two sh*ts about the trolls!!!!!!!

mcbillygoat says:

Alex Jones needs to be stopped. His videos are cruel and unusual
punishment. Such Jew lies.

The Biological Father says:

Next week i’ll be on infowars posing as ex cia talking about
some controversial shit, don’t miss it people

Servus Dei says:

Don’t know if you guys are aware of this yet, but if you search “Alex
Jones” in the YouTube search bar, all the results are for the YouTube
channel “Ron Gibson” and they’re “commercial free” Alex Jones episodes.
Almost every single result is for the Ron Gibson channel. Just thought
you’d like to know.

Heather Vallee says:

You know…your reports sound very credible until you finish them off with
a magic potion to sell. Does it not seem a little fishy that you scare the
hell out of people with Ebola and then offer the magical Colloquial Silver?
In my opinion, you are decrediting yourself with these commercials at the
end of your scare tactics!

panamcail says:

Alex Jones = CO INTEL

Alex while you are with your establishment friends in your cozy bunker, ,
we’ll wave to you from the streets as we are being murdered by zombies or
by the military in FEMA CAMPS.

Karma is real, Mr. Jones.

moverling5 says:

Thank you Alex, I had a suspicion they were doing this “disappearing” and
“mis-diagnosing” affected patients to alter statistics. It’s disgusting
that an agency would do this to downplay the threat to the public.

badjujuR6 says:

Why does a crimal ellement of the government want Ebola to spread?……
Simple, they want it to spread because stealing money and killing people is
what criminals do….. If you havent noticed the stock market has been
dumping lately….. Everytime there is bad news the DOW drops 100-300 pts,
somebody is making money! And as far as killing people… Right now it’s a
case here, a case there, but soon it will be uncontrolable. I say
population control……

Brian Mcbrian says:

Not a surprise , government trying to cover their failure … they do it
all the time
What kind of totally incompetent authority allow people who were in direct
contact with people sick from Ebola to come back home without
Why 200-150 yrs ago people were quarantine for stuff like cholera or
influenza and they aren’t today for Ebola which is even worse than
Influenza or Cholera….

Truth Sets You Free and Exposes Corruption and Lies says:

yes, Ebola cases are being Buried 

Jorge Vidal says:

In India, there were 2 million Christians and almost all were killed. The
UN did not complain. I do not see anyone doing street protests. Evangelical
Christians are despised, rejected, criticized and killed. Because we do not
believe that humans are good. Do not complain when God sends hurricanes,
earthquakes and diseases. He is the only one who defends the human rights
of evangelical Christians.
And yes, Jesus causes pain to mankind to save them from something worse
than a hurricane. Nobody truly knows what is The lake of fire. It is the
wrath of an almighty God manifested to the fullest. Thank you Jesus for
sending hurricanes to Earth. Someone will hear and be saved.

Sophia Macias says:

wow I just love my government !!!

Kimberly Johnson says:

Thank you for enough courage to expose the truth.


*WARNING: Naturally the species of Satan want 1776 WORLDWIDE?*

OtakuDeju says:

This is an invasion of both foreign and domestic. May the Spirit of Thomas
Jefferson be with us and encourage us to take a stand against these acts of
Tyranny and Corruption.

Deanstruction1 says:

Alex, tell people about how you think colloidal silver will save lives from

FightForUtopia says:

I’ve never had Malaria, but I’ve taken a lot of Malaria pills, so I know it
can be prevented with just a little nasty yellow pill.

Ken March says:

I like and pretty much Trust Alex Jones but I WISH that these Patriots
would NOT ADVERTISE or hock. It gives the Sheeple a reason to mock and
disbelieve. I know, ‘Let the Sheeple die for their Stupidity!”
Hey! But some of these Sheeple are people that I love. So it’s UP TO US who
are awake to try and make what provisions we can for them as well.
It’s a shame we simply can’t support them though donations alone.

Earthlings Suck says:

Jeffrey Goines ” But you said to me.. wouldn’t it be great if there was a
germ or virus that would wipe out all of mankind and leave the animals and
trees.. that was so funny man”

Kris Kuenzi says:

sounds like fema camps …..depopluation agenda 21…….

Joshua J says:

I wouldn’t be shocked if this is actually true

John Wayne says:

OK so what was the patients name? If there is no name and no family then I
don’t believe it.

Matt Isanon says:

shared in my facebook group killuminati 2014

50hellkat2 says:

Sending them to ??? Scary.

PsyOp Huntress says:

This is not a RED ALERT its more like a BROWN ALERT.. its just shity poo
poo scare tactics, that is all!

Son of Adam says:

This is all BS. The reason the patients are “disappearing” is because they
never existed. Fictitious identities created long enough to act sick.
Further, late term ebola symptoms are outwardly easily identifiable. You
will find no picture anywhere of an infected patient – none exist. The
outbreak in Africa and elsewhere is a false flag.

Jared Wardell says:

If true then the doctors and whoever else is letting their patients be
taken are part of cover up. If we were a society with morals and
accountability from the people from the top down would be held accountable.
Not only in this but all the other events and bull crappy going on in
America. We need a change and that change includes these people in power
having serious consequences and not be able to just resign or be moved.

I can't stand shit eating Commie rats says:

Hey Alex will this Ebola kill us all off as fast as the bird-flu bullshit,
you were hyping up????

…. PS Yes i’m a paid government troll, <--- i just wanted to get that out of the way, before Alex's sheep start showing up to graze... baah....baah...baah

J@D W says:

If there was a travel ban from effected countries, people from those
countries would avoid detection by traveling to another country, taking a
layover of 4 or 5 days, then traveling from that country to the US. Our
trillion dollar intelligence network would never be able to stop these
unfortunate medical bombs.

Joel Davies says:

The way that America’s media is covering Ebola is shocking and fear

David Jr says:

alex jone big conspiracy that he never can lose weight and stays fat
because of obama cursed him! lmao!

Secret007SkyFall says:

The Cure For EBOLA Is Nano Silver DOD Dr Rima Laibow
(Colloidal Silver 10 PPM)
Legalized Lethal Injection

Keep In Mind

Every Product Ever Take Off The Market For Killing People
Approved by the FDA
Fraud & Death Administration

Brigham Hospital Staff Have Filed A Lawsuit In Boston To Keep Their Job’s
Refusing Mandatory Vaccinations

Vaccine Genocide by GMoore49

Gun Control _ Genocide by TruthNeverTold

72 Killed In Boston Gun Confiscation by
DC Gazette (on Facebook)

Enemy Of The State Camp FEMA 2 full movie by
17:15 min mark to 25:07 min mark
Order’s Of Lethal Force
Stripping Americans Nude
Forced Injection

EBOLA Airborne by PotRBlog

American Exceptionalism by TruthNeverTold 

zanan1 says:

Didn’t this guy have some dude on his show on the 31st of July saying the
US is going to try to blow this Ebola virus out of proportion to scare
people to think its the next World epidemic? Now he’s saying the US is
covering it up, lol. Pick a stance ALEX!

Edward Six says:

Don’t go to the hospital ur going to die anyway! go to the state
legislative office or fed office

TheLeetPandas says:

Hey dumbfuck, I’m wondering when you’re going to stop making videos. I
can’t wait to see in the news when your death happens.

MrMigido says:

Hardly surprising.

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