Rebels Kill Dozens in Active Ebola Zone in Congo

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Isle of Mull FPV says:

Whats next? Cat flu

William McDonagh III says:

I'm suprised it hasn't spread globally…yet.

Transpecies Grolar Bear says:

“Swine Flu”
“Avian Flu”

Sounds more like programming code than a pandemic virus. No catchy nickname from the media, and the WHO seems to have picked a lame name on purpose if you ask me.

Acendiat Media says:

Would here curious to here what you think about the virus spreading to North Korea.

Kacey Kace says:

Not neccessarily a vaccine, but affective.

swampfox213 says:

The planet is finally killing the human disease.

Melinda de los Santos says:

Yeah, like having a fire extinguisher and a First Aid kit.

lee h says:

Most countries with a lot of population needs things like this to control it

Ate Veenstra says:

What happened to the ebola outbreak in Dar es Salam?

Jean-Louis Bourgeois says:

Ebola-Chan and Corona-Chan teamwork!
Go go go!

MrKinser01 says:

a nice clean dirt floor ok well then just bring in the witch doctor

Ruthless Cardigan says:

fuck africa
(it's a shithole)

Miles Watt says:

Styx whole point is if you stay ready you don’t have to get ready

Ruthless Cardigan says:

turns out they didn't eradicate polio, just started naming it differently…aseptic meningitis and such.. something about there never having been a virus properly isolated and identified, only the effects… there is fellow who just won a court case over a 100k pound bet that the existence of the measles virus could be determined from one paper, specifically the diameter of the virus… someone tried submitting the original papers from the 50's and two or three courts ruled against.
something about a social aspect of the times, there was a 'fear of infection' that may have been driven or exploited by certain groups for political purposes
deep conspiracy theory stuff right here, go cautiously

paul h says:

glad you brought this up as yes its still around …typical msm dont do story on it because its not in there back yard

Mantis_Riger says:

4chan did it

Kingy B says:

Let's just kill our enemies again for fucks sake! The more we "CARE ABOUT" the third world, the more we'll need to deal with..WTF? Grow the hell up! Let's just put them out of their misery now, sound good? What do I mean? Do what we used to do, let them wallow in the society they've created for themselves…lol, easy peasy! AKA, BAN them from entering!

Tuggy Waffles says:

Yeah. Sorry about that. I was there.
Shambooka and Boogaloa got carried away.
Then Hukka-Hukka-Bamboozo joined in–as usual.
And you know how hyper-violent Makooko Lala gets when he is hungry.

John Mann says:

The death toll from Ebola depends on the strain. Ebola Sudan is about 50% Zaire is about 90%

Julius Ebola says:

Hello friends.

Cactii 101 says:

Fuckin' mangoes…

LMP3 says:

Africa is not worth saving. Let it burn through and start again.

John Neil Bunting says:

nice shot at the History Channel… I remember when it used to be about…um.. History

W0Y4K says:

"Political and/or cultural instability promulgates disease."
That's honestly the real reason I've got an eye on Corona-chan. Not for the disease. For the instability that's sure to follow if it is a global pandemic.

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