Racism? Nina Pham gets special Ebola treatment

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philochko on twitter In late July, when it looked like Dr. Kent Brantly wasn’t going to make it, a little-noticed news item escaped Liberia. It spoke of Bra…


big bad Norte 14 says:

That’s why blacks should study and go to school instead of robbing people
and gang banging this way they can find their own cure and not depend on
the racist whitey 

BluePrussia says:

Racist!!??? Blacks called everything “racist” and call racism on
everything. She got special Ebola treatment because (1) She’s American. (2)
She’s not a foreigner. (3) she’s a healthcare worker. Those three things
warrants her deserving priority of treatment over a foreign Liberian.
American > Africans when it comes to PRIORITY treatment. 

Michael Thompson says:

I’m white and find that racist, we whites are such a pathetic losers,
always fighting with blacks and at the end we still go to them for help
when other races has abandon us. All I can I say is black men are my
closest brothers and I prefer them over Asians and wetbacks. Blacks fought
along side us during world war 1 and 2. Where were the greedy Asians and
wetbacks. All hiding

themanshere74 says:

She is the only one who should have been treated in the first place. We
should have never treated the non American, and should have shipped him
back to his own county to be jailed. Why should we have to pay their
medical bills? And who is going to pay for her medical expenses? We should
send his bill county the bill. And we should put his family in jail that
are here in the states. End of story.

TinfoilHatGirl says:

It is a question of blood group anyway. If those who call racism can proove
that Duncans blood group would have fit to Brantley then we can talk about

Jsrry Kelly says:

Dude, not everything is about race. People especially liberal wack jobs
like to insert race into everything, mostly because there facts about most
things never add up. But good post young man

Walter Gross says:

Bradley offered his plasma to Duncan. Unfortunately it was not compatible
with Duncan.
Race had nothing to do with it.

saladextraveganza dude says:

what color is magic johnson???? 30 years after he get diagnosed with HIV
and the dudes STILL ALIVE and you wanna say cures for mega diseases are
only given or made for white people???
pure ignorance. 

2213blindsoul says:

he gave it em everytime whits go to Africa and claim they helping
they are actually injecting viruses aids now eboli wake up
true isrielites

Xeon Krze says:

I actually don’t think there’s anything racist about the treatment, but do
think the support from people abroad is overwhelming about prayers and and
stuff for Nina Pham. Ok, the Liberian man he lied and got on a plane and
probably knew what he was doing. But it makes me wonder, if the nurse had
been black, would we be seeing the same support from the community or would
we start seeing questions like ” why did she get it and no one else did,
she probably didn’t follow directions, or did this wrong”.

People that deny racism are racists. Sure there is black racists too, but
white racism exists even people pretend it doesn’t.

Some of it might be justified, but I’m just saying.

fionakuma says:

African guy who brought ebola to America knew about his wife was having
ebola in Africa but he visited his relatives in America he should have told
doctors about what had happened in the first place when his symptoms
started appear. 

Moe Howard says:

I 100% agree. Because the women is hot, let alone not black, she gets
special treatment and people care more. Ridiculous.

Nick The Titan says:

Black cry racism for anything

Brian P says:

Mark Zuckerburg just put out 25 million now that the cute Asian girl has

Caleb G. says:

I’ve got to unsubscribe. I didn’t realize when subscribing that every
single video was going to be a defense of white people.

mjdc2505 says:

No offense but Dr.Kent Brantly wasn’t treating the patience in Africa, he
was there to diagnose the victims with Ebola.

Lou Kout says:

It was African doctors that discovered that blood transfusions could cure
Ebola back in the 80’s or 90’s, so the belief that “this is a new treatment
they only came up with to treat non blacks” is absolutely ludicrous! There
is actually an old documentary here on You Tube that shows how they came
about the discovery. I watched the docu months ago while researching Ebola
after the first case arrived in the US. People need to stop being
paranoid… you’re giving too much credibility to the s*it you hear in the
media and on YT!

James Genovese says:

How do we know he was injecting people in Africa with the virus??? Lol I’m
sorry I just had to put that out there. But seriously I don’t like all this
conspiracy shit, but in some cases all of them are possible. So no one
really knows. But one thing is for sure is that the world is slowly going
into shit as the years go bye…..

Brenda SIGEL says:

Please, not the racist card, come on man, noooo wayyyy in hellll, amen to

jerry gwynn says:

Thanks to Ebola, all blacks die, Whites and Asians will survive.

ChingChongLingLong0h says:

These are medical workers and American. They pay taxes.

MalfoyHatesIslam says:

THis guy is such a joke….putting his sexual exploits online and saying
stupid shit.

The black guy(duncan) was from another country had nothing(no money) and
was brought over here and we payed for and treated him for free….

You are such a bitch.

Lroy Johnson says:

First off let me say something ..how could we avoid this ? Duh if that POS
would have told he was in africa it would have been solve. But yet u blame
all these race ..you idiots ! And michael thompson u pos racist go collect
ur welfare check ..

Timothy Crisman says:

Honestly i thought u was gonna say some ignorant racist shit, but after
watching the vid and hearing ur points u earned a subscriber. Great vid and
sense if humor bro.

Kevin Tran says:

Duncan’s family should have their citizenship revoked and be deported back
to the rock they crawled out from for harboring a visitor known to have
been exposed to and infected with the Ebola virus…Get these clowns out of
this country!…Ban incoming flights from these infected cesspools already!

Change2be1 says:

maybe someone can explain with these nurses having the ebola why not send
them to one hospital to treat both instead of sending them to different

Junebug says:

It has been reported that the doctor offered to donate to Duncan but that
their blood types didn’t match. Please educate yourself on the basic
biology of blood types and the fact that only certain blood types can be
donated to other blood types. If someone receives the wrong blood type,
that person can have devastating effects such as kidney failure, loss of
circulation, and death.

This happens because there are certain factors called antigens that are
either present or absent on an individual’s blood cells. For example, type
O- blood has no antigens present at all. Whereas type AB+ blood has all 3
antigens present. You can donate type O- blood to a type AB+ person, but
you cannot donate type AB+ blood to a type O- person. If you did, the O-
person’s body would recognize the fact that the AB+ blood has antigens that
are not present in the O- person’s blood and then think, “Hey this is not
part of my body, it must be a foreign invader (such as a virus or
bacteria). My immune system needs to attack it.” And the immune system
would attack, causing blood clots, which would devastate the O- person.
That’s just one specific example, but it illustrates the fact that if your
blood type doesn’t match up in a specific way, there’s nothing you can do.
There would be no benefit to giving Duncan the doctor’s blood.

Lastly, the % of people with each blood group can vary across ethnicities,
but this in and of itself does not make the fact that the blood types
didn’t match up racist. Blood type is determined by the genes you inherit
from your parents.

notknowing says:

Racism? They rather have her die I guess. This woman isn’t even white but
they call her white. SMH

Frank Jacquez says:

I will bet you that the 2 nurse who contracted ebola, and is black, does
not make it. Who is going to get better treatment and blood transfusions,
the Asian girl or the black girl? C’mon

KGuy135 says:

That vietmanese girl has perfect white skin, the white guy looks PINK

DarkDoggD says:

Philko, what “BS” means? Describing something stupid, some people use “BS”
in their comments.
And what do you think about the theory of Barak Obama beeing gay and his
wife Michelle is a tranny? I noticed that all US blogs are filled with this
shit after the death of Joan Rivers…

Margaret DiRienzo says:

Blood typing not necessary for serum transfusions, i do believe.

Mefisto Fele says:

Philko, dude you are too cool for words. Attempting to straighten out
others misconceptions whether intentional or not. 

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