QUARANTINED-Kentucky Student Quarantined With Hemorrhagic Fever*China's New Viral Outbreak*

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Julie N says:

Biomagnetism can kill it without antibiotics. The medical system & CDC is a total fraud! Vaccines are not necessary since I've already reversed shingles (from vaccines) & Rubella. Measles can be killed with these magnets. The AMA killed the German doctor who came up with this wonderful treatment for viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites. Why vaccinating the children? The deep state controlled by the Draconians aka reptilians, want the people's 3rd eye calcified so we can't see them. Children can see into the other dimensions until vaccinated, the mercury calcifies the pineal gland.

Learning Truth says:

The Ebola vaccine is live and has mutated in the vials.
See naturalnews.com

Dont take the vaccines

Lynda Jordan says:

Thank you once again Michael for this latest information. Namaste and much 💖 to all.

Marsfoolsgold says:

Heads Up People! The CDC called my home wanting information on Child, Teen, and Adult (flu) VAX compliance. Yes I checked and cross checked the phone message and it is on the CDC Web Page. Supposedly it is confidential but NIC is obviously up to something in the works! Much love EEA Family.

Jhere McKenzie says:

…EB0LA…"airborne transmission of Ebola …. CDC admits that Ebola can be transmitted in situations where there is no physical contact between people" …may aIso, have a connection to the measles outbreaks…THlNK about those SELF-CHECK0UTs at retaiI ST0RES (more germs than a toiIet seat)…[] Take care

leah e says:

Uh oh!!!!!Yep it is Ebola!!!!!

Weed Me says:

Weed Me

earth aid concert says:

Purpose of Negative Pressure Rooms

Isolation rooms are negatively pressurized with respect to adjacent areas to prevent airborne contaminants from drifting to other areas and contaminating patients, staff and sterile equipment.

patricia tancredi says:

Or is it ebola…..

Justin Baldwin says:

I live in Kentucky and the News WKYT 27 has said the student was misdiagnosed but refused to say what he "really" has but say it's not Ebola knowing KY and the lies the state tells I still believe its Ebola

paul norris says:

Sending him to Atlanta?  That's a good way to spread this thing all over the world, quickly.

Heather Stewart says:

TOTALLY sounds like a cover-up now, they're saying "the tests were negative"! BULLSH*T! Media reporting the student went in for a physical…and ended up in emergency???? Yaaaa, riiight….

Shannon 222 says:

It's Ebola !!!! Get ur colloidal silver and master tonic and oregano oil ready

Glenn S says:

Oh quick! Roll out the next mandatory vaccine! 🙄

scott nyc says:

Student spreading hemorrhagic fever throughout the campus and admitting into hospital as safe tells me it’s utterly dangerous and being mishandled.

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