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QUARANTINE: What Ebola is Really About | Ebola Videos

QUARANTINE: What Ebola is Really About

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In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the Ebola virus outbreak 2014. Ebola Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZC27IQ037I AMTV We…

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Nantchev says:

I am not American, but what do you mean by “liberty state (of texas) what
does ‘liberty state’ mean exactly?

More libertarians than other states, or per capita?

Evil Shred says:

Its just simply because Americans since 1900 until 2014 havent realized yet
that their country had been hijacked by Zionists long ago. Still debating
about it. 

genesis777 says:

We are governed by criminals…Nothing but criminals…

Kevin Pelon says:

The US Government intends to use the Ebola virus crisis to be able to
quarantine US citizens that may show symptoms or they suspected of being
sick without any warrant or cause. If you believe this won’t happen you can
justify it that the US government has already done this to Japanese
Americans during ww2 by putting them in determine camps because the
government thought they may be a threat.

CombatVeteranLifter says:

Powerful video! I shared everywhere I could!!

Liz Mason says:


KingFisheR00011 says:

During this year in Africa have died:
of pneumonia – around 230 thousands;
of malaria – around 300 thousands;
of hunger – around 720 thousands;
of EBOLA – around 5 thousands of people!
Every fucking year over 45 million souls have been sent right into the
graves worldwide due to the legalization of abortions, which this fucking
World Health Organization totally supports, up highs and approves!

MisterBipo says:

We were saying the exact same things back in 2009 during the swine flu
pandemic… That it would be used to declare martial law, that it was used
for depopulation, that the vaccines had RFID chips, ect. Same theories,
different year. 

dvc milton says:

What is the military’s mission in Africa with respect to the Ebola virus if
they are not helping the affected or helping those who are helping the

Maxwell Smart says:

First of all, you are all over the place on this one, CG. Second of all –
and this is directed at Barry Obola – I thought the Jewish vampire squid,
Lloyd Blankfein, was supposed to be doing ‘God’s work.’

In a so-called Republic that seems to be turning against God on every
conceivable level, invoking his name boils down to a matter of convenience.

stepahie stevens says:

We still don’t know who was responsible for the Boston Bombings because
there was no trial. Where are the 2 accused these days? Is Bill Clinton
raping them?

BlueMoonBrightStar says:

Please do not take vaccines. 

janetmillsrice says:

“supportive of their efforts” while in the meantime the pentagon is working
hard to cut pay and benefits for soldiers so that they can pay for this
sortie. did you realize that this military operation will be paid for on
the backs of the service men? that pentagon chief has “vowed” to continue
working on pay and benefit cuts.

Gabe Oitoucher says:

another excellent video. wish you made more more frequently.

StonedPatriot says:

OK, I’ll go to bat for this…. MRAP = Armored Truck. Nothing more. It’s a
SWAT van. It’s the same thing as an Armored Car like they’d use to
transport your money from bank to whatever… It’s the same as an armored
SUV in the sense that it’s armored to protect those inside. There are NO
special weapons that come on them. They don’t have a 25mm Bushmaster
Chaingun, they DON’T have a 120mm Smooth Bore, they DON’T have guns, unless
you mount a machinegun on them or have a firearm like a rifle in the
cupola. It’s mine resistant. It’s designed to not only be armored against
the blast but more importantly, redirect the blast up and away, protecting
the vehicle and occupants. They CAN be defeated, happens in Asscrackistan
all the time. I’ve a buddy who was wounded while driving one, lost a couple
fingers and got a lot of shrapnel. But they are NOT weapon systems, and no
matter how they look to you, to me all it is, is a very tough SUV. They get
4 miles to the gallon, the fill up, for you and me, would be $300. And
they’re not super fast (too heavy for that). They are IN NO WAY a tank. 

tfhssn says:

I hope Americans become zombies, then the world will have a chance to
invade ameriKKKa then give it back to the Mexicans! 

Rick The Explorer says:

*Where is his[Obama] confidence? Why does he look half dead, like he has
been tortured? I am talking about the President of the United States?! WTFF
WAS THAT??????*

Deborah R says:

I literally just can’t stand to hear him talk anymore; yes , control freak,
he’s all for WAR and TAKEDOWN . OBAMA is a DICTATOR, so election time
should prove VERY VERY VERY VERY interesting. 

Kyle Ernst says:

They have cured everyone so far in America. How is it going to spread if
they keep curing people?

ExclusiveMovement says:

This Is Real News Not That NEWS 12 CNN BULLSHIT 

Shonda White says:

I am absolutely convinced that you are a absolute raceCard!!!!!

wolfcalls says:

we really didnt need that P.O.S in your video. had to click off,,can NOT
stand to see or hear that fk !

Sebastien Mata says:

This guy is just adding to the fear mongering smh

Bill Boger says:

How the hell does Obama still have a fuckin peace prize!?!

Nostradamia says:

As the 0 value gold certificates scam is fixing to outbreak in the open,
the US introduces Ebola in gold producing West Africa to take control of
the supply and valuation of gold mines. And, martial law is introduced in
the US under the form of an Ebola mass quarantine to control the
population. The general financial collapse is near.

Jake Suman says:

For fucks sake, it is not airborne. If it were airborne, at least 100s of
people would be symptomatic and be diagnosed here in the states by now.
Ebola is about as transmissible as HIV.

Tammy Lewis says:

If only obama felt the same about our troops.. He thinks the nurses should
get more respect snd reverence than our troops and veterans.. SMH..

Panthera Pardus says:

Be very afraid. I don’t listen to a word the prez says. We’re all tired of

Ray Chang says:

I generally enjoyed this video (and shared it), but at the same time, how
is making an Ebola video every week not jumping on the fear bandwagon? We
haven’t heard about the Fed and stock market for a while. What about HAARP
and weather modification? What’s the latest from hydraulic fracturing
operations and the Bayou Corne sinkhole? Focusing too much on Ebola gives
me the feeling that something else is being missed.

Michal Villafana says:

God I hate this administration. He lies so much. Wake up Sheeple. Vote on
November 4th

ThatSimChannel ! says:

I think I have Ebola what should I do? I’m freaking out

Aidan Cox says:

+AMTV can’t you see you’re helping the MSM? All the fear around this ebola
thing. Chill out man. People have enough to be afraid of. Your talking
about people being made scared but you’re scaring them even more. Just
stop. I know it’s a slow news week but stop with the ebola thing. Are you a
scientist who’s studied ebola? You say that ebola is likely airborne and
then the next sentence you talk about government making people scared.
You’re making people scared too!

Anti Law says:

I hope the SHTF! Then I can turn my fantasies of killing all government
officials and their supporters into reality’ Ya gotta love owning lots of
guns and ammo!

Rick James says:

Obama says the healthcare workers going to africa are doing gods work…
What if I told you that Ebola is also gods work…

90bejay says:

Surprise: Politicians warmonger and fear-monger

Lunar Leejunn says:

7:20 Dragging God into this is the lowest.

AnonymousExposing says:

You shouldn’t Fear ebola, Only Fear itself.

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