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Tim Dedopulos says:

It seems like an OK game, but two things nark me — one is that the fail state is just an arbitrary number and we don't get to see the world burning all the way up with hideous diseases (evil grin), and the other is the voices of the operatives. My God, they're so SMUG. Honestly, they make me want you to lose.

Muerete Flanders says:

I'm gonna found the Petri Dish Licker's Club…

Will Taylor says:

The city is named after president Monroe, and is pronounced like his name(cause it's in Liberia)

Ender_ Legacy says:

There's Marburg, Ebola- Zaire, Ebola- Sudan, Bundibuyo, Tai Forest, and Ebola- Reston

Leonard Downson says:

"Also don't lick the disease. Spoiler, that's probably not a good thing to do."
A book. Write a book of these, EE, they'll double your income.

Syfer Polski says:

Varying operative statistics was a good update. Unfortunately, there is still only a single viable strategy – diplomat office rush. Other classes are just bad for starting the game. Here is my idea how to balance that:
a) It would be cool if you could win by rushing samples and making the vaccine. Starting with the scientist should probably have to give you an extra researcher for that to be possible.
b) Starting with security should give you an extra engineer for faster gear research. Security is currently quite weak for starting.
c) Starting with the medic needs a slight buff to be on par with diplomat – how about giving him 5k extra, or a one shield quarantine on a location next to the initial outbreak?

The game still has a problem in how it self reinforces and spirals out of the players control. The result is set in the middle of the game and that's it. Unless you fail completely, you can't loose at the point you've confined the disease to a continent… and you still have half the game ahead of you. Similarly, you can't win if you didn't, there is no way to come back.

Quarantine badly needs some hail-Mary events:
– something that would create a new outbreak on the other side of the world when there is only 1-2 infected cities left,
– a counterpart positive event, for example "natural resistance" when you have 1-2 people left before loosing, causing a city to deinfect by 1 and self quarantine.

Spearka says:

Reverse Plague Inc.

UntamedPandaSweg says:

You have got to be fucking kidding. Plasters? What did tea and bread do to your brains!? You need more meats and fat for a better chemical balance. (Probably more milk too..)These culturally assigned names are bonkers. x'D

Jim H says:

"I should go far away from patient zero"
literally chooses the closest city.

David Colby says:

Nguyen is pronounced 'When'.

No, I'm not kidding.

ThatGuyMike says:

The reason you lost from the start was because you went against what you said without realising it, you have to control Ebola and stop it from getting around. If the game is similar or the same to real life then your first priority it to close off as much as you can and research as fast as you can. Get specialised facilities up and race to beat it.

Von Mang says:

Looks like a cheap computer copy of the board game 'Pandemic'….

Ryan Harvey says:

EE, sinh's last name is pronounced "newin" at least that's how my friends name is pronounced

RedBloodwyn says:

Ebola Zaire is a variant of the Ebola virus. The "patient zero" for that strain was found in Zaire. It is one of the more deadly versions of the virus. If you want to scare the shit out of yourself, read The Hot Zone. Everything you never wanted to know about Ebola. It's a bit outdated now but a good/terrifying read.


EE is an M, I would say I'm surprised, but I have been here for awhile, so…

Tyler Coates says:

this is literally just xcom with viruses instead. why?

Xenon Rising says:

He should've quarantined New York instead of making a new office

B Shape says:

Dis be a fun game of Pandemic.

Timothy McLean says:

I'm not sure that a 70% chance is really a "hard 6" situation. More like a "hard 3+".

Insert name here - says:

Nguyen pronounced Win it's some funky(no offense) Korean pronunciation
I know as my teacher was named Nguyen last year so…

Wedge Antilles says:

This game needs co-op.

Dave says:

10,000th 😉

Dereik Henschel says:

boy why do you need a sponsor

Martin Wardlaw says:

lol I'm the 77th person to watch this and first person to like it

Langers says:

So Plague Inc + then?

LonelySalmon says:

how's the YouTube adpocalypse treated you?

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