Putin heads home early from G20 but hails ‘constructive’ summit

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has left the G20 summit in Brisbane early, before the release of the G20’s final communique.

Putin said he was heading home because of the long flight from Australia, saying he wanted to get some sleep.

He hailed a “constructive” atmosphere at the summit, despite coming under pressure over Ukraine.

But he contradicted Western concerns over an escalation in the conflict, saying there was a good chance it could be resolved.

The leaders of the United States, Au…
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Coleen StarlightPH says:

Sir Putin you have my respect more than anyone else

DeSwiss says:

Eat my dust! :-)

Coeus 2.0 says:

I am not Pro Putin – but everyone knows that the EU was the one who destabilised the Ukraine and kicked Russia in the nuts ….. They are trying to deny Russia a Mediterranean port for their navy and weaken them as a world power …. does't take a rocket scientist to work that out. Meanwhile the EU seems to be getting away with yet more antidemocratic empire building ….

Mech RoBoT says:

putin like fuckem 

Антон Городецкий says:

Коала ? Европейского зрителя держат за идиота ? Почему показывают фото с животными, а не то, зачем встречались лидеры 20 стран: договоры, сделки, принятые решения 

patriotistopiano says:

Look at those two faggoty fags with their little teddy bears!!

Foerdi94 says:

Leave Putin alone!!!! *Hour-Long Bitch-cyring
Did not expect the tough guy in this behaving like a 13-year old Girl.

Tobi Larone says:

Ah Japan America's bitch ever since the Atomic bombings.

Kalin Simovski says:

at least they all have koalas now

Samantha Corby says:

What a load of HOG-WASH!

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