PPE Procedures for Suspected Ebola Patients

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The health care professional procedures demonstrated in this video are for the screening process only They are not to be used when caring for persons who have screened positive for Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) or when caring for persons who have been diagnosed with EVD.

Parkland Health & Hospital System supports public health by sharing its PPE donning and doffing procedures appropriate when screening for EVD patients.

Neither Parkland’s release of this information nor any viewing or use of this information constitutes any guarantee of any nature. Please consult appropriate authorities for further information specific to your situation.

Parkland Health and Hospital System’s plan to address Ebola includes:

1. Quickly and accurately identifying any case of Ebola that enters our health care system through our Emergency Department, Community Clinic , Schools, Jails or other means in a safe and controlled manner – in part, by using proper travel, exposure and symptom history screening procedures. Parkland has created screening protocols based upon DCHHS and CDC guidance. We have also included Ebola screening questions within our electronic medical records system and have provided our staff with additional screening and assessment tools.

2. Providing effective care to any confirmed case of Ebola in a manner that is safe to other patients and our healthcare teams. It is important to point out that healthcare workers at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, GA and University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, NE cared for individuals with Ebola using CDC-recommended protocols without contracting the disease.

Consistent with CDC recommendations, Parkland has identified a small group of providers who will care for any individual with a positive screen for EVD or a confirmed case of EVD. Parkland’s Disaster Preparedness Team has provided this group with intensive training on the use of highly specialized PPE not seen within this video.

For more information and Ebola Virus Disease educational materials, visit www.parklandhospital.com/ebola.


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