Plan Liberia Ebola Response Success Story Access to Safe Drinking Water

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By Ben Ammi Kitson

Selega, Lofa County,
Meinpa, Nimba County,
Northern Liberia

Women and children wandering down narrow roads for hours to a creek to fetch drinking water for their families.

Residents of a village near Selega, Lofa County, are in a serious distress in securing safe drinking water for their families.

“The whole community is suffering from water, we don’t have drinking water, and we don’t have bathing water. We always draw water from Selega, sometimes we can drink creek water or parboil swamp water and drink it”, says Fatu Dukuly, a resident of the village.

Selega was one of the towns hit by Ebola in its heydays in July 2015 during the West African outbreak.

Located three miles from Voinjama in Lofa County, the farming town hosts 80 members of the women farming cooperative and their activities were significantly affected by Ebola.

Safe drinking water became a problem when all of the hand pumps were damaged and the Ebola outbreak halted the provision of basic social services.

Addressing the aid of the people, Plan Liberia, a non- governmental organization started the rehabilitation and installation of hand pumps in areas where there is limited supplies of water.
“We’ve established over fifteen hand pumps in communities where they have had a very limited supply of water or they had no fresh water supply at all”, Eve Mosley, Plan Liberia DEC Project, Assistant Program Officer, lamented.

Residents of Meinpa town, Nimba County near the Guinea Border are also benefiting from the hand pump rehabilitation initiative.
“The pump is helping us. For the past six good months we’ve been drinking dirty water but since this few days they fix the pump we have save drinking water”, says Evelyn Dolo, a resident of Meinpa town, Nimba County.

“PLAN has been doing well; in that three of the pumps here were damaged and PLAN came and rehabilitated them.” Solomon Paye, a water pump engineer emphasized, adding; “We are very grateful that PLAN has taken the lead”.

Plan is a non-political, non-religious, not-for-profit, international Child Centered Community Development (CCCD) non-governmental organization providing development assistance to Liberian residents within the Republic of Liberia.

Harry N. Browne and Abel Peters contributed to this story; edited by E. Orlind Cooper


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