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Plague Inc: Evolved Gameplay – Ebola Virus Part 1/2! | Ebola Videos

Plague Inc: Evolved Gameplay – Ebola Virus Part 1/2!

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For more information on the Ebola virus, please visit the link below http://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/index.html Question and Answers on Ebola http://www.cdc.gov…

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The Ultimate God Of All The Doges says:

oi m8 ebola noscopes ze earth 69/420, would definitely bang
R.I.P Mtn Dew Bloke,Doritos Bloke,Ur momma bloke


Kiwicat14 says:

3:13 top left “Justing Bibble trampled by fans” XD

Aaron Gibb says:

Even the Black Death killed to fast, humans learned that burning the body’s
stopped the spread of it, and we started building stone houses instead of

Templarkiller Gaming says:

Ebola makes necrosis and kills in about a week it doesn’t kill too quickly
for it to transmit because one drop of bodily fluids could infect someone
with ebola

Lord:Tim says:

planes are unrealistic in this game there are at least 6000 planest in the
air ATM

ItsMaiGameNowtYoGame says:

This man deserves like 500k subs y 2k onli?

BroodallyHonest says:

Africa the ebola country

Diesel Carman says:

40th and ebolas been around for years their bound to be just about done
with the cure

Harbringer Of Memes says:

It can’t inject the entire world, because it kills too fast. It’s obviously
gonna kill everyone with Ebola and leave the rest of the world clean.

Dominic Griffiths says:

Ebola spreads into the blood and goes into the blood cells multiply and
finally causes internal bleeding and camel pox and Ebola will make a strong
combo as the pox spreds easy and Ebola kills

theREDgamer345 says:

plus theres a cure its like 95% done

simon oosthuizen says:

i live in south africa… i am shitting myself worrying about if it comes
down to here

phillip rue says:

I love plague inc evolved for the pc I just kill and try to infect on mega
brutal if you have a steam account friend me Sharkking870

Team O_X フェグロFeguro says:

better stay in Greenland…….its getting worst out there!

Bren Kho says:

Ebola is a Filo virus.

Sunday3101 says:

I love this game! I don’t know much about this game, but the strategy of
going to unnoticed until the end sounds like a great idea. I love the idea
of raising awareness through this gameplay; looking forward to more! 

DatCanadianSimcrafter! says:

When you were talking about the pharmaceutical companies stuff, they
actually did find a medicine that can cure cancer, but they won’t sell it
because it won’t make any money.

theREDgamer345 says:

hes right how is ebola going to end the human race when it killes to fast

David Morris says:

I just recently bought this it is kinda hard especially on brutal and
mega-brutal levels especially the new simian flu update. Great little new
lets play 😀 (Can’t wait for the next civ tho ;))

Berserkerviking Odinson says:

Nice new Series

G00Dlord says:

Once i had a tsunami hit switzerland…!?

D. Dejawon says:

I agree with you! 😀 and well done doing an ebola one! 

SPXandFRX says:

What software do you use to record?

sebastian raft says:

wow great video looking forward for the next one :D

conga2002 says:


BAStartGaming says:

Ebola Virus in Plague Inc: Evolved!

brenan rafanan says:


Edvinas Muscle says:

Ebola is Coming…

John Munn says:

Great video

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