Pentagon may quarantine Ebola troops

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The Pentagon says it is considering quarantining all returning U.S. troops battling Ebola. CNN’s Barbara Starr reports.


ugowoundo says:

americans are naive and fearful folks,wish they were worried about guns as much as ebola, …….well it's none of my damn business,sips tea

HilarityBribo says:

lol why did you send them there to begin with?

what a disaster….

Donna Graeme says:

They must be quarantined, that's common sense and what is the right and responsible basic thing to do; that's the "occupational hazards" and the rights and well-being of all the citizens of the globe must be priority and maintained.

-W0RLDST4R- says:

ebola biologic weapon … imposible to apair so fast… (no say me) 

LesbiansMakeTheBestMovies says:

Obama slaps the governors of NY and NJ down for doing the same thing. Does anyone get the feeling he doesn't give a shit about military people?

Gil theJeep says:

Sacrifice for Obutma will try to make something out of this I don't try to make something out of this to administration Islamic jihadist ministration in the White House caliphate in Washington DC Obama's f**** Islamic jihadist Muslim Brotherhood house

Random things channel says:

Its good they are taking precautions

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