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Pentagon: Ebola Treatment Unit protocols | Ebola Videos

Pentagon: Ebola Treatment Unit protocols

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Gen. Rodriguez of U.S. Africa Command explains how U.S. personnel mitigate the risk of contracting Ebola in Africa.

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Vasya Pyatkin says:

Use dollars, after all they bring happiness and can justify any death, take
away everything from others, taking away everything from itself. You all
in big trouble 😀 To be more exact, the problem solved itself. 

MrFurling says:

Pentagon are war criminals and terrorists! CIA funded ISIS to flatten the
terrorist run pentagon. Remember 9/11, Sandy Hook and Boston bombings, were
all inside jobs. 

Nitron DSP says:

This just goes to show that the US admin views its soldiers as dispensable

Hassan I Sabbah says:

The illuminati must be behind this

BigBolt says:

More BS

изучение КОБ детально says:

the OSCE experts claim numerous facts gang rapes underage girls 12-14 years
are controlled by Ukrainian punitive territories, the fact that the parents
of the girls began to talk about the atrocities leaves hope that the crimes
of Ukrainian guards will be considered by the court of human rights in the
Hague. And the perpetrators, the soldiers of the regular units,
mercenaries, heads ATO,which are responsible for the actions of their
subordinates will be punished. In compliance with all international legal
norms. Currently atrocities are being perpetrated on the territory of
Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, as well as in the areas of environment, where
wielded Ukrainian marauders killing and raping civilians. You must convey
to the Western community on the need to urgently increase the OSCE
monitoring mission in the territories controlled by Ukrainian punishers. To
ensure the safety finding civilians. And anti-genocide population of

kellerr13 says:

Most of those troops are going to end up with Ebola, and will be bringing
it back and spreading it throughout the military and their families. The
troops have NO business being there.

There are basic protocols that could and SHOULD be implemented to prevent
all that, but Obama WANTS it to happen so it will be easier to implement
martial law.

If you are in the SS you need to arrest Obama and Biden immediately for
Insurrection and Rebellion and Treason.

xxLonelycutteRxx says:

Hmm, not sure if that sounds like it would do any good 

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