Patients refusing Ebola treatment due to superstitions

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The spread of the ebola virus to the city of Mbandaka,DRC prompted a more coordinated response. The city has a population of more than one million, which means that the likelihood of the outbreak escalating is far higher. Residents of the city have been stepping up hygiene practices. But there are reports that some patients are refusing treatment and opting to administer traditional medicine at home, instead. The stigma and superstitions surrounding Ebola in the region are posing one of the biggest challenges in containing the outbreak.

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Weather D evil says:

Perfect for the idea of a new pandemic to reduce numbers, that with the catastrophic weather ruining crops and with the wind cutting power, Europe will be at last rid of the fleas that caused it. By Technology, the devil himself.

Zippy InYoFace says:

Get this bullshit out of Africa.. fucking white devils

Fiona Corliss says:

The African people have done so much for so long. They built these 1st world countries one by one generation after generation into juggernauts and this is the best these white countries can do?!!

It’s amazing the cruelty and barbarism the churches and their missionaries introduce into their societies and still they are welcomed.
Africa needs to stop that.

Fiona Corliss says:

Ah gee, is the medical community having a problem doing their job? experimenting on people and in general being the bringer of death and suffering doesn’t invite cooperation. They should have known that and this is the result. The vaccines (experimental btw) should have already been there in the region. The last outbreak was years ago. after it hit the urban population your not going to find any contacts that don’t want to be found especially in a country that constantly is under attack, plundered, civil war etc.

Incompetence and racism is the legacy of the medical profession to black and brown people.

GraceTruthTeacher says:

It is NOT superstition, it is SUSPICION because they have seen the negative impact some vaccines i.e polio has had on their nation.

kola wole says:

churches of the mass dumbing down of africans. This is just bad, Europeans are not done with Congo and most of Africa, Congolese long time lost their culture, language, human life's, resources and now they losing their freedom of thinking. you do realise their were European creating new virus during the first ever outbreak in the 70's.

newyork newyork says:


Augustine Sessay says:

May God protect our Africa continent

DIAR says:

I'll be leery too. Who knows what's inside of those vaccines?

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