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Passenger on Ebola quarantine: We weren’t aware | Ebola Videos

Passenger on Ebola quarantine: We weren’t aware

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Erin Burnett talks to a passenger on the Carnival cruise ship where a passenger is in quarantine due to Ebola fears.

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AnimeFan12 says:

Why don’t we just ban blacks from the U.S.?

Toonses says:

The typical entitled american attitude: So what that I have ebola, screw
you, I can travel and do whatever I want.

BugSplat says:

You couldn’t pay me to go on a carnival cruise! All the horror stories and
people still go on cruises? lol

Edenmoon says:

dont bring this shit to Mexico go back to the USA !!! 

MrMeowers94 says:

LOLOL Michael Brown 

nephilimhunter99 says:

Hit the ship and dallas with nukes

Evo Darze says:

Why was the patient quarantined? Stating that she may have “handled lab
specimens” while mispronouncing the word and looking down away from the
camera is insufficient and that inference shouldn’t be made. 

BeautyHealthZoneBlog says:

If you were using your vitamins you wouldn’t have to be worrying about
people sneezing on you because your immune system would be at it’s best.

Suddenly the secret ebola serum doesn’t work on black people because of

BugSplat says:

She went on a cruise ship while taking immuno-suppressant medicine?!?

bobbofly says:

+Arch Yeomans:
On #1: If we *HAD* turned Duncan (& anyone carrying or suspected of
carrying Ebola) away, we’d be in a much safer situation than we currently
are. Admitting Ebola patients stateside was truly the benchmark of
stupidity. The rest of your points are well made & well taken. Please do
not lump all Americans in with the morons who committed acts 2 through 6,
however. These were a few retarded people individually doing stupid shit. I
and virtually everyone I know predicted what would transpire at the outset
of this – and you should pardon the pun – “carnival” of stupidity on the
part of the CDC & the US Government, from the moment it was first reported
that these patients were coming to the states.

Thongsook Rattanabunrin says:
Jeremy Parsons says:

well now the next time this happens obamas swat teams will force the ship
into isolation as a large group of people who had no idea of what was going
on, so this event can and will happen to people with no notice. 

lennie says:

congrates to Belize…… telling the u.s. and carnival to get the fuck out
of there…Ebola would wipe out Belize …..

Preston h says:


Arch Yeomans says:

Let’s see. This is how dumb Americans are: #1. Let’s turn away a guy who is
violently ill and states he comes from Liberia (a region known to be
infested with Ebola). #2. It’s okay to go fly on a plane knowing that I’m
sick after treating a guy with Ebola. #3. Let’s approve air travel of
health care workers who are ill and have been working around Ebola
patients. #4. While I’m monitoring myself for Ebola, let’s take a cruise
where thousands of people could be put at risk should I be sick. #5: I will
send troops with weapons to Africa to fight Ebola with no forethought about
how they’ll fight it. #6: Let’s bring on a politician to handle Ebola and
politicize it. Obama, you’re an idiot! Where’s our Surgeon General?

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