Outsmarting Ebola Virus: Innovative Research on Treatment

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http://www.einstein.yu.edu – Kartik Chandran, Ph.D., explains the novel strategies he and his colleagues are using to develop treatments for Ebola viral infections. Watch 3-D animations showing how Ebola enters a cell and delivers its payload in order to replicate and spread throughout the body. Dr. Chandran is associate professor of microbiology & immunology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Major funding for this research is provided by the NIH, U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Chan Family Foundation, and Albert Einstein College of Medicine.


Rishav Banerjee says:

Whats the npc1?

Campbell Harris says:

If it were me, I would take both the drugs that stop it making contact with the Lysosomal membrane and the one that goes for the virus, to increase the chances a whole lot more (unless it doesn't work with both. But I did find it fascinating how your studying it, with the fake virus.

Juan Esteban García Robledo says:

Very interesting information, thank you very much, the video is so useful for the sake of learning.

jerome scholten says:

Thank you, very interesting.

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