Outbreak Update: Ebola In America

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Special Report – Outbreak Update: Ebola In America


MK L says:

To Think how many Other People on the Airlines, stop overs made in the Traveling, has Duncan Infected, Knowing he no doubt had Ebola after helping a Dying Ebola Infected Pregnant Woman in Africa, then traveled back to America! All the others he may have Infected along the way!! Duncan Died 10/8/2014 in Dallas, from being Ebola Infected!!

The Next News Network says:

You must see this film!

Phillip Schaefer says:

So they are saying it's spread through bodily fluids, how then did over 3k people in Africa get the virus? Airborn? Coughing sneezing? Infected meat?

Daniel Bull Runner Lamb says:

I am going to buy a Bio suit and a Flamethrower  if anyone even decide to sneeze i will Set them on Fire.

warriorwoman says:

This is the beginning of mandatory vaccine. If you don't get it you will be put in the fema camps that they have been preparing. They may also want you to get implanted with the rfid chip to prove you were vaccinated. But do not get the vaccine it is part of agenda 21 the beginning of depopulation. Trust in Jesus Christ he's our only hope. Say no to the mark of the beast.

pen mightygun says:

Zmap is given after you have Ebola. A Vaccine is given before you get sick. get it wrong and you die. Time to learn some science

optimumperformance says:

Ebola is airborne. Several studies have demonstrated this.

sunny says:

The Illuminati created Ebola virus to kill 95% of the human race. Remember the Georgia Guide Stones ?

Jesse Hardebeck says:

With all the talk about Ebola and zombies it's weird that the drug that helped those two is called zmap. Almost nothing starts with Z. Odd coincidence I just noticed

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