OnlyMyBrotherz vs Ebola Effects/Violence

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khalifa i just sub back n like can you sub back to me😊

NxAiiM xTSeG says:

Gs Sub Back

Donnie says:

Aye Sub To Me I Subbed To You

Vintally says:

It clearly says Violence as the crew tag and you kids used hella quad lmfao comes back and beat us off of quad and are member lagged out and you guys didn't do second game ? Smh

Murda says:

1st off niggas DQ b4 5mins wass up 2nd yall grab qaud 3rd Drugz use FAA 4th yall dnt play 2nd game vid will be up soon on Vintally channle and this not Ebola boy

Bottinq Souls says:

gs fam sub bacc

MB x SPAZZ TV says:

yea bro im gettin that card for u

Clawing says:

You would never beat my crew man and my crew name is Ebola Effects so learn how to spell. This crew battle clearly says violence lmao but keep it up for views man.

Glizzy Murdersz says:

Ayee Gshit bro

Drillinqz. says:

gs bro ❗️😇

iRetroTv says:

gs big bro

Khiladelphia says:


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