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‘One of biggest tragedies’: Ebola triggers Sierra Leone lockdown | Ebola Videos

‘One of biggest tragedies’: Ebola triggers Sierra Leone lockdown

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Sierra Leone confined its six million people to their homes on Friday for the next three days, as the Ebola-ravaged country began what was believed to be the…

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nafism6969 says:

probably made in America and given to blacks. like Aids was. 

Mohammed Said says:

The US government owns the patent for *AIDS* and *EBOLA!* you don’t patent
something you didn’t create or own. so, why not give the secret serum that
saved the life of one ameripig instead of sending 3000 troops???? now you
know why the world dislikes you! 

mtothem1337 says:

Isn’t this what they call natural selection?

clitmint says:

Odd that Sierra Lione can *Lockdown* to try and stop the spread of Ebola…
oh but the EU, the UK and the USA…. well they just can’t seem to figure
out what to do so they leave the doors open and the USA (or i should say
obama) aims to send around 3000 combat troops into the ebola zone.

I guess obama thinks that if he feeds the ebola virus more victims that it
will get fat and die off, why doesn’t obama send his own daughters like he
is aiming to send around 3000 sons and daughters of other people?


Jesus please help Africa

Mark Kempton says:

Straight out of WWZ

john tellnott says:

indeed one of the biggest tragedies in our world today.. and yet RT your
YouTube out put has been non existent until now, to busy showing us how
well Russia makes Arms and Rockets……lame….But I guess late as hell is
at least something….

Steve W says:

Another problem, reaction, solution? Clever bio warfare, first infect them
with airborne virus from chem trail plane, then vaccinate them with cancer
or HIV. Then mass world wide vaccinations. The sheeple will run to get the
vaccine and kill themselves and their children. Coming to a neighbourhood
near you soon……… sorry too late look up in the sky and ask yourself
what the fuck are they spaying from those chem trails? Where have all the
bees gone, why do they put fluoride in our drinking water (so we can have a
nice smile-fuck off) why is everyone getting cancer? Why are these fuckers
using our tax money to bomb innocent women and children, why all the wars?
WHY WHY WHY?????????????????????? LETS GET MAD!!!!!!! LETS GET THESE WAR
FIRE THEM ALL. One more thing, ISIS is run by the CIA – MOSSAD – MI6 and Al
Mukhabarat Al A’amah

Ho Chi Minh says:

Ebola has always been airborne from the very beginning. That explains why
it’s spreading so fast. The treatment centers they’ve set up in Africa and
the areas around them are probably teeming with the virus. The government
is deliberately giving out misleading information. All viruses are
theoretically airborne simply by virtue of their small size. Viruses don’t
suddenly mutate, sprout wings, and start flying around. What really
determines the pathogenicity of a virus is the length of time the virus can
survive outside of a living host. Viruses such as the rabies virus and the
AIDS virus can only survive for a few seconds outside the body. For this
reason in order for a person to become infected the virus has to be
transmitted directly from one person to another by physical contact. Ebola
on the other hand can survive from at least 3 days up to 2 weeks outside of
a living host. This gives the virus much more time and opportunity to
infect other people. It can land on surfaces or it can drift around in the
air. This disease is much more dangerous than people are being led to

Kim Jong-Un says:

Absolutely horrifying. I wish the people of Sierra Leone the best. I hope
they overcome this disease and the western doctors and governments provide
them with the vaccines that they already HAVE. It’s funny, thousands die in
Africa but no vaccine.

3-4 White doctors in America contract Ebola and within days there’s a fully
working vaccine for them. 

Terio says:

Africa: Let’s blame everything on America then apologize to them by taking
their tax dollars.

m yaz says:

Sad times ahead. Well done NWO. I guess its Cut the population time for
some people and Vaccine time for others!! 

StevieBoi2k13 says:

They want to lower the population and people are letting them do it 

CmdrGendoIkari says:

Obama needs to send troops in so they can get Ebola.


ExiledMercVideos says:


Spoder Man says:

Dang hopefully the west will get a vaccine or something. 

petej222 says:

wasn’t it 15 years ago they had a civil war

rytis2005 says:

those locals killing white ppl who came to help because white devils
witchcraft made ebola :/

Swiss Knight says:

Nobody cares about the blacks. Even their own corrupt black Presidents are
all a disgrace. Their people live in the gutters, eat bats (if lucky), and
this has been going on for decades despite the wealth of natural resources.
Humanitarian aid and all other forms of organized donations from the good
families in the West ends up in the pockets of our even more corrupt
Western Leaders. There is no hope in the world, all are filthy, Jesus
Christ was and is right! You are all filthy rags, hypocrites and all of us
are guilty. Now go and buy the iphone 6 and feel proud!

TheManWithNoName says:

We all know who’s behind this mess.

Jesse Locke says:

“The WHO said that as of Sept. 22, a total of 348 health care workers were
known to have developed Ebola and 186 of them had died. Half of the cases
were in Liberia and 67 in Guinea, which along with Sierra Leone have been
worst hit by the outbreak.

In Nigeria, 11 health workers have contracted the disease and five have
died. In total, Nigeria has had 8 Ebola deaths and 20 cases.”

Jay Stimson says:

Ebola. Created to provide an excuse to invade African countries to control
and plunder its natural resources. It’s about money and power. Always has
been, always will be.

Abel Danger says:

Why don’t shit tards like Clintons, Kerry, McCain, Obama,and their brethren
test the vaccine after being exposed to THEIR disease? I forgot, cancer is
parasitic like these pieces of excrement.

Keenan Peck says:

My god, the UN needs to have a bigger budget just to help all the nations
of Sub-Saharan Africa overcome all of this poverty, disease, war, and

Oneida Evangelist says:

These are sighs of the end of days god says it in his word,we just need to
pray for them and ask god for mercy,

God Exists says:

definitely a Freemason. he has sacrificed care

froz1983 says:

So where is all the video footage and photographs of the thousands of dying
Africans from this Ebola? All I see is empty streets and some fear
mongering speeches… sounds like bullshit, smells like bullshit, must be

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