Obama: Non Americans to be allowed U.S. entry for Ebola Treatment! Treason!!

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This Fraud has now laid more worries onto the american people not to mention the cost we will have to bare for their treatment! This is treasonous! http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2014/10/obama-p…


Twit Wit says:

Thanks for the heads up Doom and Mrs. Doom. Lol


Doom, I think the vaccines they will offer are likely to be dangerous.
But, sorry. I don’t see why Ebola would be a hoax. IT gives the powers
that be EVERYTHING they want all at once. The Dollar is so devalued that
we are near collapse. But if a large percentage of us die off, the number
of people versus the number of dollars evens out, to more resources for
each one still alive. PROBLEM SOLVED. The people most likely to die are
the ones NOT Working, the old and the disabled. Reducing the need for much
of the Gov’t support. PROBLEM SOLVED. IT reduces World Population to make
this Earth more of a Paradise in their view. Problem Solved. It’s the
ULTIMATE 911 because it gives Gov’ Martial Law powers over Medicine, and
Super tight control over Security. Plus it gives them a great excuse to
round folks up fo those shiny new FEMA Camps they have been wanting to use.

Laurentius Timber says:

not saying that you are wrong (you are very much correct), but where is
this outburst of anger and indignation about the US invading and bombing
half of the freakin’ planet (I don’t even know of a semi-official number of
victims who have been murdered or made homeless because of US foreign
“policy”, but considering that it was the US and UK that laid half of
Europe into ashes in WW2, the cumulated number over the last couple of
decades must be staggering).
And on top of that, the military bases and the cost to run them abroad are
paid by the occupied countries.

Lynn Dunn says:

I had to back up & listen again at the one point, my first take I thought
you were getting chewed out for drinking too much wine! : )

Jenn Openyoureyes2 says:

Don’t apologize for getting angry, we are all angry at this bullshit.
EboLie is bullshit and he wants us to pay for their bullshit! We are once
again, being deceived on a massive level. I get pissed everyday because of
it. Good vid Doom and Mrs. Doom! God Bless and be safe brother. 

tomtomandt says:

He wants more virus in the country so it spreads. I think it is mostly
fake, but I still wonder if the elite want a lot of us to die. Time will

Christopher J says:

You’re right John Kerry Mr Heinz millionaire was on tv saying we need to
send in cash donations. What about the 6.6 billion annual budget for the
cdc? It’s getting so stupid just have the Fed print some more fake dollars,
I seriously think they are over playing their hand and waking more people

strongtower0914 says:

this country gets dumber by the day


I do agree that even conceiving of such an ignorant plan is ludicrous. So
yup, it pisses me off too. Did you know Dahboo7 is pissed in his latest
vid too? He’s outraged because some British Calendar girls posed on a U.S.
Army base! WOW!!! I’m going to say your vid is much more outraging. Good
Job Doom! 

Choose Know says:

Good info, but hey, stay on the edge and don’t jump to either side as per
real or hoax. We must keep inquiry going until all is revealed and that
will take time. It’s fine to have and to espouse a personal opinion, but
the game is a complex one and we don’t have all the answers yet.

mel michele says:

If this is true I hope they cleared this with Dr. K. Brantly aka master
blood donor because the only thing in common with recent survivors is they
all received blood plasma transfusions from Brantly who received a blood
transfusion from a recovered 14 yr old boy before transfer to the states.


Hey Doom. Here’s Donald Trump commenting on this insane plan. Trump Says
Obama Psycho: Something Seriously Wrong With Obama’s Mental Health

cantore35 says:

There goal is to get us to rebel. While keeping them legal.

The Knowing 101 says:

Hahaha, words of wisdom my man. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Professor Doom1 says:
Dozguyz314 says:

It looks like he is trying to act like the $avior of the Wirld. 

jeansprettypups says:

I agree to me this azz and his whole family should pay for everything they
do that’s not connected to the job period including his fund raising flying
and hotels, his golf, his ink for his pen, his cell phones, food, his taste
testers sense he is so scared of getting poisoned, his gas, all of
it…plus giving all these countries millions and billions of dollars

REALsweet says:

ABOUT THAT?????????????
YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT wtf?????????

countessarcadius says:

ABOUT THAT?????????????
YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT wtf?????????

Tris Baka says:


Guy Caballero says:

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