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Nursing student uses trash bags as protection from ebola. | Ebola Videos

Nursing student uses trash bags as protection from ebola.

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CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen reports on a woman caring for her relatives who have Ebola who has avoided contracting the disease.

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Conspiracy News Network says:

Imagine if the US would send 2000 doctors, or 20000 full body suits. Or
2000 of that new anti Ebola stuff that allowed US infected that had been
flown back to recover so quickly.

Instead they send 2000 soldiers. Fuck logic, just gonna shoot Ebola with
guns. Anyone wonder if those soldiers are there for other reasons, like to
keep China investments out?

ZeroGravityx.x says:

I hope she can cure more.. you know sense the u.s of (A)ssholes only care
about their white doctors… 

kaunas says:

Do africans beg for mcdonald’s? what are u doing there american people
including soldiers? Mining diamonds or oil like always?

Maria Minier says:

She is so beautiful also!!!

TOURE TV says:

Not to try at home! So dangerous, if you see an suspected case just call
the emergency service directly! Don’t play game with #Ebola
God bless her and her family

Omegastede_ says:

omg god bless her family and the women <3

Janita Boucher says:

OMG… Can’t the world provide elemental means of individual protection for
this people? Ebola is a threat to a global security, not just some local
health issue!

Albert Subiano says:

Thumbs up to this girl for saving her family. 

HayateTheWind says:

Great woman :D

Joe Gullo says:

Nursing student uses trash bags as protection from #Ebola. #ebolaoutbreak

kraftuber says:

“Power of god” my ass… That’s the power of a woman’s logic through

Edson murray says:

Wonderful, God blase her.

lilgirlkhmer says:

What did she give them to save them?

Ghost Phantom says:

Good job young lady!!

angelonfireTV says:

Inspiring! God bless Fatu and her family!

Lennox1492 says:

This woman’s simple gesture of love and faith in humanity is an inspiration
to us all! It is wonderful to see some good news come out of all of this
sadness. Very good Fatu, you’re a beautiful young lady and the whole world
is very proud of you and smiling with you as we watch this video.

“Go your way in safety”… St. Christopher

I have been washed by the blood of the lamb, so i can sin and go to heaven. says:

CNN need to change the title to nursing student uses trash bags as
protection from ebola while their politician are enjoying european whores
in europe & don’t forget the amount of money they spend in glamorous hotel.

dopeymark says:

Big fat love to this woman!

David Pawlowski says:

SELENIUM SUPPLEMENTATION: If you are a media person or a health care
provider in Africa treating EBOLA patients go to Google Scholar and pull
the research articles by Ethan Will Taylor (now Professor at University
North Carolina Greensboro on selenium and Ebola. Ebola strips the body of
selenium resulting in lipid peroxidation. Physicians in Liberia are
providing anecdotal reports that they are seeing good improvement in
survival using selenium supplementation. If this is true then a simple
vitamin supplement available to the west could save lives in Africa and
wherever this virus spreads. 

A AH says:

Great young lady indeed!

b taylor says:

Awesome maybe they should train civilians on how they should assist their
families with ebola in the near future since they expect 1.5 million to
have this virus in africa . She is a nursing student so she already knows
about precautions. Others I’m sure need assistance. 

David Winter says:

ZeroGravityx.x = ZeroBrains, we have a Black President of the USA running
the country, not white doctors.

Gabby Ramirez says:


NewDigital12inch says:

She is amazing! found her facebook page Fatu J. Kekula

Sebastian Andrade says:
James Dean says:

God bless the people who are dealing with horrible disease

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