Nurse’s Ebola Quarantine Leads To Lawsuit For Christie

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A nurse who was quarantined after returning from Sierra Leone is speaking out over her treatment.

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BlackTar says:

What a stupid self centered cunt

Luis S says:

So she goes to Africa to care for them and is in direct contact with Ebola patients, but didn't care about the U.S. people???

Can someone explain? Wtf, 21 days isn't a long time. 

Healiosphere Æ says:

this is fake and gay set up to protect the spread of baby virus

Zoey Zoey-Zoey says:

Ratings starved media shares a lot of the blame for Americans irrational Ebola paranoia and panic-add in politicos hoping to scare voters into voting for them and then finally add in a public that is uninformed and distrustful of the media-with no idea who to trust and with many working multiple min wage jobs while either trying to pay for school or student loans or care for children with little help from an overburdened social safety net and you have the unholy trinity of panic-in fighting Ebola our best chance of keeping it from spreading and infecting more people outside Africa is to follow our better angels-so even if u don't give a shit about dying Africans (even if u can look at whole families succumbing to the disease, small children, tiny little newborn infants without feeling a spark of empathy) then self preservation should make you want the best money, resources, medical personnel to be sent over to the afflicted countries immediately! I'm not holding my breath since the only thing spreading faster then the Ebola paranoia & panic is the lack of empathy for the people who are actually suffering from this disease in horrific conditions-most of America is Christian and a lot of them bought those WWJD bracelets-I wonder if they really actually stop and think What Would Jesus Do? Cause if I remember Jesus hung with lepers while a lot of Americans seem to want to even block their own country men who risked their own lives to help strangers in a strange land ala' Jesus from coming home; denying them treatment when they get sick-even if that means their chance of dying increases dramatically while away from home and family-#DonaldTrump

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