Nurse Upbeat As Ebola Quarantine Rejected

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A Maine judge has given nurse Kaci Hickox the OK to go wherever she pleases, handing state officials a defeat in their bid to isolate her. (Oct. 31) Subscrib…


Cassidan says:

It is amazing how quickly we, as a society, allow others to play upon our
fears in order to remove the rights of others whether it’s Muslims, Ebola,
African-Americans, Hispanics, Christians, etc. It’s when we stand up to
our fears and educate ourselves that we truly advance as a nation to a
higher standard. Our fears should not dictate our actions.

Rael Nidess says:

Kudos to Kaci for having the courage to wage this fight for rational
actions in the face of fear-driving politics, and also to the judge who did
the same. This is a small, but nonetheless important victory for the forces
of rationality over those of irrational belief who’d force us to live
according to whatever they believe at the moment whether it be rejection of
science-based public health or laws made according to purported ‘sacred’


blah blah blah……..blaaah

themanshere74 says:

If she is a nurse, I am the man on the moon. Smells like a set up to me.
How do we know she wasn’t planed there (CDC, CIA, UN?).

elephant says:

This woman is a hero.

Dupper bob says:

If you come by here i can use that hug!

Nisco says:

tar, feathers and a ride on a rail if she comes to my town!

plainbob13 says:

The bitch should have been put in quarantine. If she comes down with it I
hope she dies.

Cast iron1969 says:

Sounds scripted to me, as her old man looks on with a “mean mug”…lol

Nick Ritzer says:

they tried scrubbing her data from a CDC website but if you look up
dahboo7 he has information on her

scovell7 says:

same shade of green as every actor in this hoax

lonovik says:

This woman is a true hero, very few people would have courage to go between
Ebola patients and treat. Instead of honoring her for this they are trying
to make her outcast, Americans are crazy shit.

S. McCloy says:

I don’t think they should be quarantined in a tent but if you have a chance
you should not be riding the A train. Clearly she is A symptomatic that is
exactly what is required to not spread this infectious disease this is not
a new disease they know what it takes to get rid of it. She is right to
stand her ground but again she is in the STATE of Maine population 1.328
Million people. CITY of NYC 8.406 Million you hardly hear of anybody
passing through Maine but people pass through NYC constantly. If you are in
BFE that is as good as contained or quarantined. We have to do our part by
washing our hands and defending against all disease. Tonight is Halloween
wal mart had the liquor out people I never see buy alcohol were buying
alcohol today. My family has to drive tonight I don’t want anybody I love
out there tonight I am mandating those of my household take the slower
roads in hopes that they will be protected by the slower speeds. If the
speed limit is 35 and there is enough traffic a drunk can’t be flying down
the road at 80 mph too many cars. 

dmitriy40 says:

Selfish cunt

ByteEnable says:

She can go to a foreign country to help others but is willing to risk
others lives at her home. what a selfish cunt.

proticalsonn says:

Ebola is a blessing, sent to us to get ride of the huge problems of over
breeding taking place in africa. These people cannot even feed themselves
their population is dependent of other nations to feed their people, but at
some point these people need to learn to deal with their own problems…

MadWeiner . says:

Her eyes are bulging.I think that’s a sign of ebola.

southport97 says:

Attention whore of the year right behind Robin Williams.

Ghenghy says:

This is a complete hoax, strictly designed to instruct the public to be
“compliant” to the coming martial law. BTW, anybody notice her little
speech was completely scripted and rehearsed? That was probably Take 12.



foresakenlion says:

I am not satisfied that someone exposed to the Ebola virus is not taking it
seriously. It’s known the various strains of the Ebola virus can incubate
for longer than 21 days. It’s known in a US Army study that Ebola can go
airborne when the virus is present in a region with lower temperature and
lower humidity than Sub-Saharan Africa.

This is not a joke.

Quoted text from the study below

“We also demonstrated aerosol transmission of Ebola virus at lower
temperature and humidity than that normally present in sub-Saharan Africa.
Ebola virus sensitivity to the high temperatures and humidity in the
thatched, mud, and wattel huts shared by infected family members in
southern Sudan and northern Zaire may have been a factor limiting aerosol
transmission of Ebola virus in the African epidemics.”

The Northern Hemisphere is not sub-Saharan Africa. The Northern Hemisphere
is generally colder and with lower humidity than sub-Saharan Africa.

Given the right conditions Ebola virus can spread more easily in the
Northern Hemisphere by aerosol than in the Southern Hemisphere where it
does not easily survive in an aerosol.

Do any of you people that took the time to read this post see the CDC
acknowledging the known implications of this US Army study? No, you do not.
You see them ignoring it.

Singularity2039 says:

Somebody needs to put a bullet in this selfish bitches skull.

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