Nurse Kaci Hickox: ‘No way I would give you Ebola’

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Nurse Kaci Hickox came out of her home Wednesday night to speak to reporters, saying she’ll fight any legal action taken by the state of Maine to force her into a home quarantine. Hickox says she doesn’t have any symptoms of the deadly Ebola virus.


Zazzle Delacruz says:

I'll quote Nurse Kaci.  "I'm fighting for something much more important than myself."  Yeah.  She's the defacto PR rep for her employer Doctors Without Borders/MSF.  They are registered as a charity in the U.S. and other countries.  MSF as a charity should stay out of politics or lose their charitable status.  

Chileanstar1 says:

She is fighting for the easier way to spread EBOLA in the U.S. 

Timothy Johnson says:

as a nurse I find it admirable that she would sacrifice her life to go help fight ebola.. as a nurse that's one of our greatest rewards. helping others… making sick people better… sacrificing our own safety for others… This woman has got to be insane.. how hard is it to understand that she has been literally "swimming" around ebola patients for however long she was over there… God only knows if she has it or not ( her roommate just came down with it ) … how hard and difficult is it for her to understand to be cautious? why be so adamant on taking your little bike rides? going hiking… seeing people in town? .. she has to know the incubation period of 21 days is coming up… I understand she doesn't have it now.. that's not the point.. the point is if there is even the slightest chance she does end up getting it.. imagine the hysteria that this will create knowing she's been all over the place since being back? and that she's been soooo adamant she doesn't have it.. wont get it.. no worries etc… selfish selfish selfish.. media whore was a great label that I saw on here earlier… liberal, ignorant, selfish.. has no right being a nurse in my opinion.. a lone wolf liberal out to save the 3rd world country of sierra leone or wherever she was.. but when it comes to America and protecting our people her response is " hey I have rights! I want my rights! I aint sick! there's no science!" … it's sickening to thick that if she ends up getting ebola.. the fallout from this will make eric Duncan look like a hero… everyone's seem to have forgotten about him.. and unfortunately as americans… we are " out of sight out of mind " mentalities .. this is only going to get worse… it's AIDS all over again… this is the Beginning of the End

Brenley Forrester says:

She might not give you the ebola, but she'll give you the creeps with those crazy bug eyes.

God Save America says:

Clearly she's selfish. She's projected her objection to being quarantined onto other health care professionals. Surely others have come back to the US and have had to undergo quarantine of some sort, and why is she the only one receiving national news over this? It's because she's selfish and cares very little for the safety and well being of her neighbors, even her boyfriend. She's setting a dangerous precedence.

David says:

She is fighting for your human rights while science BACKS it up. Fear and lack of knowledge helps to erodes your rights away. Knowledge such as a cure is hidden to SPEED UP this erosion.

David says:

You guys understand that institution quarantines can deny you access to home remedies –  proven to TREAT the disease?

David says:

Multiples cures and treatments has been rumored to exist for cheap. There is no fear, people.

Marcimo says:
Check this out.  The army has known for years that cold dry weather is the environment for ebola to spread.  None of us know what is in store…….

Terry Habzz says:

Love this because now that its proven that she is a CDC shill it's her boyfriend that has to deal with it. Is he the kind of friend you want? Would you have any trust in someone that knows he is part of a plan to screw the American citizens ?

MrCati says:

Being able to force people to stay in quarantine, is about control of our everyday actions. To willingly and freely give the govt., the ability to quarantine you with no scientific or medical evidence to quarantine you or your family, is not how this should be going down, but it appears that this is exactly how those in power, want it to go down, so that more draconian measures can be justified and used against the will of the people, to force upon them, whatever action the State or Govt demands. This nurse has every right to fight for her rights and is to me the only one acting logically in all this drama.  Ebola quarantine measures are social govt. control mechanisms and the sooner they are seen for what they are, the sooner people can begin asking, how are Ebola infected people going to be treated in a FEMA camp, when they are not built or staffed for such a medical quarantine? This is the more serious question we should be asking, but of course, we are still dealing with people who openly state that the govt should be able to do what they want to this woman, just so public safety can be protected. Being taken to a FEMA camp that does not have the ability to treat you should be the topic of discussion, but of course, arguing over a right to be free or be quarantined seems to have taken everyone's attention away from the question of how are they going to treat quarantine infected people in FEMA camps, when they are not medically equipped for any medical treatment of the kind.  Makes one consider, that being sent to a FEMA camp, is being herded into a death camp.  This is why in my opinion, this woman has every right to fight quarantine, and  I for one support her on her stance for all the reasons I just cited. Remember, to ask, how can a FEMA camps be used for the infected, when FEMA camps are not medically built or staffed for such Ebola quarantine measures?  They are however; staffed and equipped for disposal of bodies. Anyway, This to me is the more important question to ask of our officials. This to me says that FEMA camps are Death camps and this quarantine measure, is being tested to allow for more abuse of our rights, not less.

uncleB70 uncleB70 says:

Her boyfriend has a stupid grin on his stupid face

uncleB70 uncleB70 says:

Her boyfriend has a stupid grin on his stupid face

Jay M says:

Considering other doctors and nurses have contracted this serious and infectious disease, it would be prudent to take extra safety measures like a 21-day quarantine.

jim jam says:

So do the stand for everyone, like no more quarantine for those from the "hot zones" and Doctors without borders?  I'm lost with this one. Is she activley working now here in the US. Somebody please help me understand this. 

Denis Lara says:

Do you people understand that she does not have Ebola? and even IF the only way to spread that shit is only when she has symptoms, which she does not. 

OrneryPossum says:

It's an attention grab, plain and simple.

I was born and raised in Maine.. this woman makes my state look bad.

She needs her nursing license revoked.

xlioilx says:


ngvconversion says:

Everyone stop donating to Doctors without Borders.  Kaci is being openly encouraged to do this by her "employer" Doctors without Borders.  Their website goes into detail regarding Kaci's situation and professes their support for what she is doing. 

HardpointMUT says:

Let's face it she was A National Hero turned into somebody needing to obey

Iamgodof Humancollective says:

She doesn't care about the general public, and she wants more people to come back from Africa and do the same as her in order to spread it nationwide.

Julie C says:

211 Violette Settlement Rd. So that's where they are claiming she lives. In a vacant house for sale that she never lived in. Nor has her "boyfriend", Ted Wilbur. Well, I hope you get the $68k you're selling "your" house for.

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