Nurse forced into mandatory Ebola quarantine criticizes officials

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TODAY | October 26, 2014

Nurse forced into mandatory Ebola quarantine criticizes officials
Kaci Hickox, a health worker who returned to the U.S. from treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, is in mandatory isolation in a New Jersey hospital despite testing negative for the virus. She criticized officials and the policy in a newspaper saying, “This is not a situation I would wish upon anyone.” NBC’s Ron Allen reports.


Sandy Jobs says:

She has NO RIGHT to complain. Crossing the border is a PRIVILEGE. Be glad you were allowed back into the country.

Michael Bousquet says:

These healthcare workers who came from those ebola areas should really stfu. Your honor system of self-quarantine is bs and you know it. Just look at mr.spencer here, who felt okay and went bowling and shopping…Yeah that's your honor system. You talk about your human rights being violated, how about the rest of us? Do we give in to your highness (more of your hiney) and just trust you because we know you're trust-worthy enough to stay indoors and not go out, so you can give us OUR peace of mind? Of all the politicians, these governors who decided to protect us (the 99%) from you, know the concern that we all have. We know you want to be recognized as heroes and probably expect a heroes welcome but instead be quarantined for 21 days, sounds too harsh for you. But guess what, you decided to go and help them, it is your duty to make sure and i mean 100% sure you do not give us what you might have brought with you. That is all. So stfu about your rights being violated. Releasing you will be a violation of our right to have the peace of mind about our families safety and health after we find out we sat right next to you in the path train on your way home because you already felt sick.

tim mitchell says:

You make the educated decision to go to a country with an epidemic outbreak. To help people is a great thing. To come back to your country where you friends and family live. Making the educated decision to possibly infect them and to put others at risk is wrong. 6 hours of her day to make sure she doesn’t have Ebola. I say we boycott all nurses and doctors that do not comply with the safety of the American people.  Let’s say Kaci Hickox did not comply with due process and she infected someone and then know what we sue her for neglect. It was an educated decision for her not to do due process. I say will sue!!! Make Doctors and Nurses liable for who they infect….

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