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Nurse Defies Ebola Quarantine With Bike Ride | Ebola Videos

Nurse Defies Ebola Quarantine With Bike Ride

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A nurse who vowed to defy Maine’s voluntary quarantine for health care workers who treated Ebola patients followed through on her promise Thursday, leaving h…

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omglolwtf says:

She is going to fucking kill us all someone needs to take her out 

Haytham Kenway says:

Selfish bitch

BeardedCIam says:

She is a leftist political activist & is trying to pick a pre- election
fight with republican governors & officials. She wants to be dragged away
kicking & screaming on camera. Fortunately,no one has taken the bait yet.
Remember,to the Left, EVERYTHING is political.

inquisitor says:

Has to be at least a crime of public endangerment.
She should also be never allowed to ever practice in any medical profession.
And should she come down with the disease and infected another person…she
should get the chair.

ChatsworthATVRentals says:

Her house does not have enough windows. No wonder she hates staying in
it. She is still extremely selfish and should be more worried about
spreading a deadly virus than her personal comfort. It’s time to lock her
up! If she has Ebola then she should be charged with reckless
endangerment. If she gives it to another person and death results then
she should be charged with manslaughter. 

Arjuna Proximo Litore says:

Selfish cunt traitor.

Blizsteronmyballsack says:

why doesn’t she report them for Stalking?

Eileen LeValley says:

Throw her in jail and take her nursing license away. She should be ashamed
of herself. As a nurse she should know better then that.
Looking for fame is she?

Richard MacLean says:

I don’t get the “I feel fine” thing. What kind of medical professional uses
that to make decisions? And why not just do the quarantine? It costs you
less than a month of your life to make sure others don’t suffer. What is
her point?

Terry Habzz says:

The CDC probably Paid these reporters to be there to interview this Lying
CDC shill. What does this say about her integrity ? Selling out her own
citizens for a buck. 

NYCrazyRob says:

So…those reporters have Ebola now?

jake2000 says:

Every person she came within 20ft of needs to be quarantined, and she needs
to be arrested for disorderly conduct and public endangerment! The reason
for the 21 day quarantine is because IT TAKES UP TO 21 DAYS FOR THE VIRUS
TO SHOW UP! How stupid do you have to be to not understand that fact!

vedicastrol says:

All coordinated by our taxpayer funded Ebola Czar. 

Kahr Karrier says:

so the media says we should be afraid, yet they are all there interviewing
her without any protective equipment? i guess all those reporters and
camera men should be quarantined now too…..

shyF0x says:

what a bitch

Video_Experiments_2014 says:

I’ve just been totally ALONE for ONE MONTH in England, in a house and the
Ebola virus is so dangerous and contagious and shouldn’t be even taken back
to Europe or America so she can get a different job or none at all,
preferably, so far as I’m concerned, not that I’m even American but it
affects everyone on Earth! If I can be alone for ever, mostly, so can she
for however long!

Megarainbow says:

who does this stupid bitch think she is trying to infect people fucking

Acts2Justify says:

I watched some thing about this on the local news this morning. I remember
this lady stating that she had been a nurse for a long time, said she felt
fine and knew what she was doing. Well, I grew up around the medical field
and worked in the medical field for over 10 years. I was taught even
though you maybe exposed to something, might never “catch” it or show
symptoms did not mean your were contagious. For example, in the case of a
cold…you may never have signs or symptoms but you still be a carrier of
it and spread it to others unknowingly. Therefore, this nurse might not
have any signs or symptoms of Ebola but can still spread it to others
because she is considered contagious until the 21 day incubation period is
over. That’s why there is a quarantine period for those exposed to a
contagious disease (like Ebola), it is a protection, not only to them (even
if they never show signs or symptoms) but to those around them that they
may infect because the person exposed is considered contagious. As a nurse
she should know this. Therefore, as this nurse willingly defies the 21 day
quarantine she is knowingly exposing others during the time she is
considered contagious.

420kushmaster says:

This puppet was trained at the Cdc as intelligence officer.

This is all just a public stunt by the gov to have a phony trial to then
declare it law to obey thier orders. 

scovell7 says:

How often do you wear lime green shirts? If you’re an Actor in the ebola
psy-op the answer is every day.

catsalive1 says:

The asshole is waiting for the movie to come out and in Hollyweird, it
probably will starring her. I can see Lifetime doing it on the Goontube.

thrummer1953 says:

This nurse works for the CDC & her lawyer is a frequent guest at the white
If you think those are coincidental to her behavior,you are STUUUUUPID.

StinkFingerr says:

Frigging selfish drama queen.

FilthyAnimal666 says:

I hope all those scumbag journalists camped outside her home end up
catching ebola

James Madison says:

3000 Dr’s & Nurses a year since 1974 (40 years) Have been treating ebola
patients in Western Africa and ALL 3000+ have return every year without
quarantine. They have NOT caused an outbreak in 40 years of ebola
Suddenly politicians who just a few weeks ago were saying “Im not a
now want us to believe they know better. BullSh#t

PrayerDaily says:

Google: “Anti-Quarantine Nurse Hickox Was Trained Was Trained As
Intelligence Officer By The CDC” , Natural News

RAMB0IV says:

Be positive, at least the lying cunt joo-urnalists were there also, I hope
they all die in agony.

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