Nurse defies Ebola quarantine in Maine

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A nurse who vowed to defy Maine’s voluntary quarantine for health care workers who treated Ebola patients followed through on her promise Thursday, leaving her home for a bike ride.


jacqueline talmer says:

THE judge is a fucking asshole too I hope he gets EBOLA sometime in the near future. Iam sure he will the way things are going HOPE it comes back too bite him in the ASS

jacqueline talmer says:

Bitch your roommate in africa had Ebola YOU got scared and ran back to america where your friends in the CDC could get you some ZMAPP before you got too sick  YOU AN ARROGANT BITCH WHO SHOULD BE IN PRISON.

Canal Al-Djazair says:

This is when nurses and lawyers start to play doctors.
It is up to the expert to decide, this is how the society work, otherwise it call to anarchy.

Imagine all patients now start doing the same with potential harm to society (suspected TB, suspected meningitis—that is what the doctors do, isolate, even if they are not sure and even if the patient is asymptomatic)…..Now with this new lethal disease, with don't have much experience with; It is better to be safe than sorry…What will happen if soon we come to know that one or many subjects she was in contact with are infected….that is going to be bad :o)… and bad for who ?

Even if she doesn't have Ebola, she should comply.

tacticaltroll says:

she is causing problems, throw her ass in jail! she doesn't have any respect for no one but herself. she looks like a bitch as well.

MultiOsha2011 Safety OSHA Steve says:

Well if you get paid to stay home by the government it should be a no brainer but lets talk about what a healthcare worker should do to show others that she really cares about people.  It goes against the nurses creed to take care of others well how would turn out  if she did get infected and show symptoms on November 4th and then everyone she came into contact would be at risk. I don't think I'm sorry is going to cut it!   Is it really worth it????? Stay home and enjoy yoga and catch up on reading and cool stuff like that unless you have another agenda???????

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