Nurse Defies Ebola Quarantine Goes For Bike Ride In Maine

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“A nurse who vowed to defy Maine’s voluntary quarantine for health care workers who treated Ebola patients followed through on her promise Thursday, leaving her home for a bike ride. Kaci…


Brave New Films says:

Good for her. There is no need for her to quarantine herself if she is
monitoring her symptoms! We can’t punish our health workers for treating
people, nor should we submit to forced police quarantines that violate our
civil liberties.

BlackMetalGamer says:

shut the fuck up and stay in the quarantine zone. i dont care if i cant
catch it from you, just stick your ass in there and wait it out.

John Smith says:

stupid fucking hippie liberal progressive idiot

great example of how “science idiots!” can be used to justify insanity.

ebola hasnt been proved to be airborne or transmissible during the
incubation period. that doesnt mean it isnt. it could be both those things
we just dont know that it is if it is. shes riding around, in public, when
shes been in an environment full of people with ebola and she could have
it. the delusional power of the abstract. the progressive shield of
“science!”. jesus christ.

suburban sentinel says:

This should not be about civil rights. I understand that there is no
scientific basis for the proposition that the nurse is a public health
hazard. However most people are neither scientists nor particularly well
informed about most issues of public concern. That is an unfortunate

The bottom line is that many people are scared. A voluntary quarantine for
three weeks is a relatively light burden for one person when weighed
against the anxiety of tens of thousands of people regardless of whether
that fear is justified.

Stay home, write a journal about your experience in Africa. That’s one less
thing for people to worry about and one less controversy for the media
mill. It’s just the decent thing to do.

Scully says:

Okay so she waits till she is symptomatic before she quarantines herself.
Are we to trust that she will know the exact moment her body can spread the
sickness? Its irresponsible and intentionally offensive to disregard public
safety because you personally think you are fine and okay. We cant trust
random strangers to self diagnose themselves and self quarantine themselves

Hyperborea2012 says:

Ana is a muslim hating Armenian bitch. 

Dex Luther says:

Everyone can agree that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are heroes. They
landed on the moon, and came back safely.

We all know, and the science at the time said it was unlikely that there
would be any sort of pathogen on the moon.

Guess what?

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, a doctor, and an assistant
were quarantined inside what was basically a camper trailer for 21 days
“Just in case”.

This nurse was moved to her home in Maine. She’s a nurse. I don’t see
what’s so hard about going “Ok everyone’s really scared about this Ebola
thing, so instead of making things worse I’ll follow the quarantine and
show everyone that I’m fine.”

The Young Turks says:

Check out Ana’s new channel

Joshua Swearengin says:

Is she openly shitting, puking or spitting on her bike path? No, then she
is not harming anyone. Ebola isn’t spread by someone riding their bike.

Also, what is she defying if Maine has a voluntary quarantine. VOLUNTARY.
Jesus fucking christ you people are fear mongering shitdicks

Gyva02 says:

21 days in your home is nothing compared to giving this deadly virus to
someone else… Fuck this selfish woman that thinks her bike ride is worth
putting other peoples lives at possible risk…

SWulf2817 says:

That’s not selfish or irresponsible at all. (sarcasm)

Don’t me get wrong I am not panicked about Ebola but there are unknown
factors that change what we “know” all the time. This is ridiculous and
characterizing a 21 day quarantine as a violation of civil rights is even
more ridiculous.

Dear god! She is so oppressed, I can’t even think about the plight of
genitally mutilated women in Africa right now. Or the thousands of Ebola
deaths in Africa due to some that think they know better than the doctors
in charge.

Please, let me know if any further sarcasm is required for the “plight” of
this precious snowflake.

PurpleStorm8 says:

I disagree, whether she’s healthy or not she should follow the quarantine
anyway, disobeying the law simply because you disagree with it seems like a
pretty juvenile reason.

zkeierea says:

All she has to do is stay in her home for 21 fucking days. I want to punch
her so fucking hard just for the fact that she needs to be a stupid bitch
on the subject. I hope she dies from ebola. It is like literally telling
your daughter “hey you stupid girl, dont sneak out after we go to sleep to
go get drunk at a party where everyone is drinking and all the guys just
wanna fuck your brains out because if u say no they will rape u” and she
fucking does it anyways and comes home crying she got raped. My daughter
ever do that after i warn her Imma just say stfu thats what u get for not
listening and disown her on the basis of fucking stupid bitch.

jon wheeler says:

I’m 50/50 on this subject. I don’t like is putting people in quarantines
but rather play it safe than be sorry and put them in one. I find there’s
no “right” answer on this. 

D Sweetness says:

We love hoaxes like ebola and the swine flu. Fear nothing, not even death.
Why, because you can’t be conscious of being unconscious. 2 people catch
ebola. Its not the flu 100 years ago. Vaccines have given people
impairments and physical ticks in some cases. I don’t give a fuck about
Ebola. What are the odds of getting ebola?

tonymengela says:

What ever happened to common sense? whatever happened to common respect.21
days quarantine is nothing and should be respected and should be set as an
example if you are a health care worker.

Don Quixote says:

21 days is the longest incubation period recorded, so to cover their bases
they recommended a 21 day quarantine. There’s not really any science behind

madashell1200 says:

You say that like its a great triumph. There is nothing heroic about a
person who defies a quarantine order to make a statement.

ToastyMan says:

21 days isn’t gonna hurt you. Oh and shut up TYT by promoting this dumb
action of the nures. 

Eric Ling says:

Basically you have to show symptoms to be contagious, and also you almost
literally have to shit in someone’s mouth to even spread it.
So unless you are about to eat shit, most people panicking are just full of
it, ironic no?


I find it funny how here in the UK we reacted with a mild hmph were as over
in the US its some kind of doomsday event

Qopel says:

One minute you may not have symptoms, the next minute you may. Risky.

mgelliott1 says:

I am sick of this symptom argument. Symptoms are not digital, they are not
on and off. The progress over time. So you go to a movie on a train in NY
feeling fine, and during those 2 hours IN THE THEATER, your temp creeps up.
Now what? How do you get home? The govt has no more or less right to
quarantine you than they do to search you without probable cause at the
airport. I am SURE she subjected herself to that rights violation. She is
just selfish and wanted some freaking publicity. Now that she has got it,
she darn well better not get sick or she becomes the most hated woman in

Julien Ricky says:

this channel is becoming a fucking joke. so ppl who r going to africa to
save lives when they come back are PRISONED for 21 days?? are u fucking
kidding me? have you ever been to a prison asshole? Its not a joke, we may
understand how it is spreading doesnt mean we understand to the extent we
cant be wrong no matter WHAT. That is why precaution in taken. Havent you
heard the saying, better safe than sorry? are you saying even if someone is
tested positive for ebola they should still be allowed to roam around
without making sure they are not at risk and risk to others?Is virus
outbreak a joke? Hey Cenk, motherfucker how about you go to africa and help
those ppl if you think ppl taking precaution is just a panic reaction? 

Christian Duarte says:

Even if she is fine, she is setting a bad example, by not following orders
from the health department. Especially, when she is a nurse. What if people
start refusing to be in quarantine because they don’t have a court order?
It will put a lot of people in danger. I think she is being overly
irrational and non-cooperative. 

Gdayguy Matt says:

You are a stupid fuck if you actually get infected with Ebola. Because it
is SOOOO difficult to actually get the virus.

chris chung says:

Selfish bitch

TheBreezyTrousers says:

For once I actually agree with Bill O’reilly. You should never break
quarantine, and to do that just to go on a bike ride is fucking selfish!
Constitution be damned, if you’re in quarantine, you fucking stay there!

Erik W says:

She should be shot on site! The world will be a better place without those
people. She thinks that she’s safe, and she thinks that a bike ride won’t
hurt anyone, then she shook hand with a reporter. She needs to think about
the consequence of what IF she really has it, if she has it, then well, the
reporter will be infected, then the reporter is gonna give it to another
people, and on and on the whole USA could be in a chaos. Selfish bitch. I
bet she’s kinda people who still goes to public when she has flu. 

magottyk says:

Who treats her if she falls off her bike, breaks her arm, and has multiple
Would it be fair to the attending medical personnel, to make them give
first aid, or should they wait for a properly equipped medical team in
hazard suits to arrive.

Being asymptomatic, may mean that she isn’t infectious, but should that
fact be considered absolute or should extra caution be taken.

Symptoms have a starting point, the precise timing is variable.

lukus black says:

This is retarded right from the very start. This woman is a nurse, a nurse
that’s been working with… *ebola*. I think she knows more about the
subject then the scared children, and paid liars and mobsters who enacted
the quarantine.

Wesley Gilmore says:

Imagine if she had coughed after she said she wasn’t a risk to the American
public lol

Proudd Liberall says:

The government telling you which insurance you can keep is ok, but telling
you to quarantine yourself to prevent an incurable disease is not. Thanks
tyt. I love how logical we Progressives are.

A.W.O.L. Productions says:

this fuckin nurse is unbelievable, I cant believe people are defending this
egotistical crazy ass bitch

Jade ok says:

shes also a NURSE, she knows the symptons, she has even been to help people
with ebola, she knows better than most people about the disease, so you can
trust her to quarantine herself.

Aegix Drakan says:


What a dumb woman. That’s not going to help her case. Even if she’s
asymptomatic, you want to prove to everyone that the forced quarantine was
dumb in the first place because she knows what she’s doing. By going out
like that, she’s just going to incite stupid panic and make future
quarantines MORE serious and restrictive like say, serving it in a prison
cell just to be POSITIVELY sure they don’t break it).

John Solodovesky says:

if Ebola was a West European disease would Fox News reacts to it the same
way they reacting to it now? 

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