November 2014 Breaking News Judge rejects Ebola quarantine for nurse

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November 2014 Breaking News Judge rejects Ebola quarantine for nurse October 2014 Br…


U2GO2 Heaven says:

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U2GO2 Heaven says:


Kapitan Kaput says:

anyone coming from Europe needs to be quarantined because Belgium (the seat
of evil in the modern world, and the only country in Europe accepting
flights from west Africa) is the gateway from Europe to the U.S. and DOES
NOT screen for Ebola…they are purposely trying to spread Ebola to the
U.S. and should be NUKED FROM ORBIT (along with all of Africa) (Africa is
the origin of AIDS, Ebola and uncounted other communicable diseases)…it’s
the only way to be sure…self monitoring is the dumbest policy ever
conceived and whoever came up with it, and/or supports it, should be put to
death…fucking liberals are the stupidest people on the planet, they only
care about themselves and do not realize the consequences of their actions

ruizhernandeztrustfi says:

1 patient and 2 ambulances?

Something is fishy about this story. I don’t trust this government
controlled media.

Kapitan Kaput says:

bullshit…anyone coming to America from ANYWHERE needs to be quarantined
for 60 days before being allowed into the U.S….this nurse is the dumbest
cunt on earth…fucking dumb ass liberal democrat

u2bheavenbound says:

25 October 2014 Breaking News NJ Airport #EbolaForcedQuarantine Ebola Nurse

Michael McHugh says:

God forbid an epidemic is prevented in the US. Lets do the politically
correct liberal thing, let the ebola workers spread the disease as much as
Let us not forget, 1989 Reston, Va. It only has to mutate one time.
Close the borders.

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