No Ebola Quarantine, Greenspan says Buy Gold, Obama Care Update

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Health System Not Prepared for Ebola” is a headline from the AP, and that is in stark contrast to what we have been told. “Small clusters could overwhelm the system” is what the article…


Ariel Gail MacLean says:

Greg, whenever I hear about the number of people in total population who
are not working (you said 93 million out of 315) I have to ask: isnt that
93 milliion working age adults only? This stat would only mean something
if we knew how many of the 315 million total are working age adults,
right? Therefore, the number of non-working Americans would really be much

Gregory Mannarino says:
morpher44 says:

I think the argument goes, that we need to fight Ebola in Africa and
encourage our health worker to travel there. If they are dissinsentivized,
because they may be restricted in a quarantine when they come back, then
our ability to fight it there is weakened. If it gets totally out of hand
and crazy in Africa, then more Americans will die. So yes this is a hard
call. I am surprised that Nurses and Doctors, who understand this stuff,
don’t volunteer themselves into a quarantine since they know this is an
effective solution. Doctors are certainly willing to quarantine OTHERS.

Scott Lomas says:

My god 93mill out of work?? There are olny 65mill that live in my home the
u.k! Thats the hole of the u.k and some you have out of work! Wow

bonnie beme says:

As a RN working I a bigger hospital and over the last three years my
insurance has increased by $400 per month for individual coverage, and my
plan has increased the co pays and deductibles and reduced the coverage to
80% for the premium plan! The lower cost plan, the one that saves me
$50/month only gives 75% coverage. So, they demand me to give red carpet
treatment to welfare and illegals and give me the shaft. SICK OF THEM ALL.

Paul Coleman says:

I think Greenspan knew that this QE was gonna be disaster all along, but
whilst everyone was getting drunk, and his connies were gettting Richer he
kept touting it will work. Now, he realises he will have egg on his face
when this all unwinds, so he played his get out of jail cavet. No doubt in
3 year time, Greenspan will refer to his comments as say “I Told you QE
wouldn’t work, and to buy Gold”. Great, why didn’t you say that when you
could have done something about it, and not wiped out the middleclass
through Hyperinflation….Brace yourselves, and prepare by buying Gold /
Silver (Physical).

Taj Legion says:

Let’s not forget that this abhorred bill Obama Care came out of both houses
of congress before the President signed it into LAW ,.. Let’s not forget
this fact when is comes time to vote,.. Obama Care is a plague that’s
already affected every American and it needs to be repealed. 

dyno mike says:

Greenspan says Buy Gold ! Runaway runaway .

yougottabekiddinmee says:

I think we passed the baton to Japan and they are going to QE on our behalf
to prop up the dollar.

riconyx says:

my health destructive care, I have to pay $8,196 dollars a year, plus the
first $1,500 dollars are coming out of my pocket, my earning did not change
still the same but is mandatory to have it or not job for me, Sound la
COMMUNISM..? YES IT IS, our freedom is shrinking…. now is this soon
it’ll be something else and little by little our freedom will disappear,
next thing is to find a job that does not force me to buy that IMPOSE

Ray Sandoval says:

Take one minute and think about why the United States wouldn’t close
borders to protect its citizens. Then ask yourself the question again. 


Rising insurance premiums? Find a physician that takes cash. Grow healthy
organic food. Don’t participate in the system. Let it die. I’m in NC as
well. I will reluctantly vote for Tillis (not that I truly believe voting
even matters anymore)…reluctantly because he advocates fracking and
off-shore oil exploration. I get most of my food from the Atlantic. Duke
Energy has already poisoned the rivers with coal ash. The Atlantic is all
we have left :( 

sigatus says:

Greg, you’re falling in to the trap of the Hegelian dialectic: Problem,
Reaction, Solution. You’re begging the government to come in and save you
from this threat (Ebola) that THEY are hyping and blowing out of
proportion. It’s your mindset that brought about the Salem Witch Trials.

Steve2323ZX says:

your premium is going up but you didn’t even mention the 3.8% Obamacare tax
on investment income. If plan to sell stocks or sell real estate in the
future, the tax will effect you.

David Porter says:

Looking forward to Warren Pollock !

Truth Element says:

I’m retired military living here in Italy near the retrieval base for the
soldiers returning from Africa. From experience, protective measures taken
by the military are as good as they get, and confidence is high that all
will go well. The media makes the U.S. out to be an instigator of chaos
for this biological threat, a misdirection for the thousands of illegals
entering the country freely on a daily basis straight from Africa. The
media reports nothing on these individuals who are all potential carriers.
Add onto this that most EU countries are dying already with concern to
economic, medical, fire and police resources. All except Germany, which is
ironic after all the death and destruction they caused in the past were
placed in charge over all of Europe. I have worked and lived in many third
world nations of the poor and misplaced races, and this seems to be the
foreshadowing of times to come. This world we live in is being
systematically demolished across the board, clandestine as it always has
been. Good reporting.

david collins says:

obamacare is the new PERGATORY

doc says:

Greg…I realize you may not have control over your advertisements …But
Get Haugh to get high for NC senate race?….Really? you may loose watchers
from that garbage.

222Mission says:

Greenspan says buy gold and the next day paper gold tanks.
Yeah he’s saying something.
His lips were moving.

We are all just cow’s to be milked in one form or another. A herd of
Thanks much

Steven Ryle says:

Gold and silver prices dropping like a rock. Why?

Philip Stinton says:

Who else thinks that Ebola is by design , especially the idiotic handling
of it ?

Kirk Wiggins says:

Borrowing money is borrowing from future earnings or EBT allowances.
Borrowing is pulling sales and production forward. This is not good and
has not been good for a long time and the problems are now coming to a
head. I can see borrowing for a home or a car but for anything else other
than emergencies, it is a bad idea.

I Know Too Much says:

if the money supply is inflated but that money is not in the hands of the
consumers, is it possible to see prices drop as companies fight for sales.
i find it difficult to believe hyperinflation of prices is even possible.
lower prices seem more then likely. 

brucemasson says:

How to buy gold when your not that rich? How to save my 401K? I just can
not quit my job and cash it in. 36% penalty if I do this. Only thing I can
do is move it away from stocks and place in a, ‘Stable acct’ Interest only
acct. like a CD acct. Wait if…..,,
I need a xanax.

in5d says:

I’m guessing that those who “died” from ebola were the ones who got the

As always, shared on In5D Alternative News

Glenn Hitt says:

Greg. I enjoy listening to your show but sometimes wonder to whom you are
speaking. I keep hearing the same thing about buying gold and how you
should have physical gold. How many people in the U.S. have the financial
ability to buy gold? I’m in the group that can’t. What should this group

PacificCircle1 says:

Obama? The entire health ‘industry’ says ‘not to worry’, our infectious
control ability is unsinkable (like the Titantic). 

Ed Meno says:

those who think the governments business is something the public need not
be concerned with need to be taken are removed. This the professors belief.
and it is the democrat party.. and it is the negligent press. 

danvr allen says:

Greenspan gave good advice / gold paper was dumped to deter people from
following the good advice.

macpduff says:

Warren Pollock’s YT Channel is GONE. So is his website. Please ask him what
has happened and if he has replacements.

BB Gunner says:

Blue Cross/ Blue Shield jumped into bed with the devil and are now
crying rape.

Mohamed Ender says:

Fed’s are running a ( “Financial terrorist operation” ) right under the
beds of hundreds of Millions of Americans.

will roland says:

Quarantine and travel bans are the default way to prevent spread of
disease. What they are doing now is beyond belief, smells bad…

Hans Wienhold says:

Here’s my solution to the health care issue. Get the government out of it.
All of it. Right down to the licensing of doctors. Open up the market to
total Laissez-faire competition.

If some Afghani immigrant complains that he has to drive a cab to make a
living because Gov. Inc. will not permit him to set up his own shop without
their sanction, tell him to vote libertarian. — because in a libertarian
society he would be able to rent some space and put a sign outside,
advertizing medical care.

The decision as to whether to subscribe to his services would be left up to
the voters.

Those voters who prefer a government seal of approval could shop elsewhere.

Those, on the other hand, who recognize government intervention as the
total fraud it is would be free to subscribe to his services.

In the event that he turns out to be professionally incompetent, his
patients will get sicker or die. His market will shrink. He will end up
right back where he started. Driving a cab.

On the other hand, if he is actually good at healing sickness, he will get
more customers… he will earn more money… his success will cause other
health care practitioners to pay attention and to attempt to compete with
his success at healing the sick. All without government regulations.

That is how a free market would work.


32commonsenseguy says:

My insurance dropped me after 15 years. Lost Dr. too :( — Will have to
drop my homeowners to pay the new premiums 

D Phillips says:

Obama with his slick words can dress up a pig and you would want to kiss
it. Just like hugging Nurses who treated ebola patients. But like he said
we have to make sacrifices(like watching our loved ones die from ebola). I
never thought I would see a time when so call logic and absolute stupidity
could come out of one persons mouth.

appalachian stacker says:

I believe retail sales for the holidays will be the lowest ever due to the
shock of health insurance premiums going up. I have been hearing a lot of
stories of premiums going way up and even doubling. People who work and
produce in this country simply cannot take on anymore. 

bd flavors says:

which party are you affiliated with? I love your channel either way, I’m
just curious. 

Ken Marchlenski says:

Ebola is the Swiss Army Knife of ‘Fear Tactics’!
It’s the best multi-faceted Tool in their arsenal of Fear Mongering.
It’s the “Neutron Bomb” for your own people.
It can Destroy Life but leave the cup of coffee sitting on the table
It can Politically move the COWS and SHEEPLE ‘Here and there’ at will with
just ‘WORDS’.

Tactic: The Hegelian Dialectic.
Objective: FREEDOM through Control to DO WHATEVER is beneficial and
expedient to those in Power no matter how Draconian or Unconstitutional.
(Objective is NOT to kill but to Control through FEAR. However, collateral
loss of life is not a concern and may be considered even a slight benefit).

Order of the Day: Play Fast and Loose!

robert sinclair says:

Perhaps there is no ebola? maybe its just flu?

loganv0410 says:

That *can’t* be
Nancy Pelosi promised us that Obamacare would be cheaper
That’s why it’s the *Affordable* Care Act

I bet it’s a typo
Expect a letter any day now correcting their um eh ah miscalculation um er
no *typo*


Dale Jones says:

I didn’t sign up for obamacare and won’t but then again I do not vote for
democrats either.

Gary L Varnam says:

NWO want us dead. They want to spread Ebola in the US. 


Wow …sounds like that nurse has some super high connections!!!! Joe blow
would be thrown down a hole for 2 weeks!

lynd scott says:

Greg, i have a dear friend who lives&works @ a hospital in another country
in the middle east area……there is NO ebola insanity over there, it’s a
non-issue, nothing on the media, non-issue in the hospital he works at…..
it just doesn’t exist over there. we are being played. 

MrDayinthepark says:

The comedy of Obama care, is it’s just more insurance, with some socialized
rules. No surprise, no confusion. It’s Romney’s invention, what did you

Garth Hamburg says:

Clowns… It’s all Clowns all the time… And they just keep talking to
hear themselves talk. 

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