NIH Wants Blood From ‘NATURALLY’ Exposed Ebola Survivors in Congo

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Close (c)2014 Yesterday reports surfaced of a possible Ebola outbreak in the Congo, …


Cherry Picker Guitars says:

Yes – very freaky. I hate to admit it, but my mind strayed in this very
direction as soon as this story began to develop. I’m starting to be proud
of my “tin hat”.

Jason Knight says:

Yep, 10 in Congo have died.
There was a story in between all of these stories that was talking about
the possibility of Fruit Bats spreading it over a large distance.
Now we are seeing reports that a Virus has now jumped over a 4-5 country
area and landed in the Congo.
So there are a couple possibilities with that,
Either it was already in Congo, spread by the Primates
Fruit Bats Spread it There
People in the Congo have been intentionally infected with what could be a
different strain.
We know the original strain is the Ebola Zaire, so which strain is this in
the Congo?
The same ? Or something Different?

Ladyshystar says:

TY Potrblog.

Lois Lane says:

This does not surprise me at all for some reason.

KerteszK says:

Is it possible that the term “natural” means the person got it from the
source in nature as opposed to human to human contact? You have to be
careful when doctors start to write up orders. It could mean the medical
term of natural which means since the original source seems elusive they
will take a first generation blood sample from a person who became ill from
the original source. So that would disqualify Dr. Brantly and Nancy
Writebol since they were infected by the blood of a person not the
“natural” source. Thank you for the report Potrblog.

Mickey Smith says:

Bad news & good also, what does this mean? Weapon on wheels? This world has
gone to hell in a hand basket lead by mad scientist who produce these
weapons, hell nukes was bad enough now we get agenda 21 push down on the

Entranced.Occult.Matrix says:

Thank you your discernment is greatly valued.

7digitalSunday says:

they are saying it there are now more infections than previously thought.
and they have brought 2 more doctors back from africa who have it for
i think one doctor to UK, and some other place.
fortunately there is atleast some drugs that seem to be doing some good.

Amber Crystal says:

If you want to know anything about viruses,etc this will be a good place to
subscribe to. That is all he investigates.
Anyways what do they mean about naturally exposed? Could it mean that the
maturity were exposed by some sinister way? We know that aides was made in
a lab. We also know that flu’s from animals do not spread to humans, at
least I know cause I took a course in animal science. So the swine flu,
bird flu had to be created in a lab to get it to cross over to a different

NIH Wants Blood From ‘NATURALLY’ Exposed Ebola Survivors in Congo

pauline pardue says:

i think it came from a lab

basicdata says:

I would suppose that knocks the good “Dr” Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol
out of the pool of possible test applicants. I suspect their condition
would not fall under the terms of “natural”.

elva beltran says:

This soooooo appears to be something truly *maleficent* ………..
*Natural Exposure* as opposed to *WHAT* ?!?!?!

FixItStupid says:

Thank You Sir, Good Report 

reeram says:


wild flower says:

…TY,,for update..

Willie Waycup says:


Youri Carma says:

Brantly had also received a blood transfusion from a 14-year-old survivor,
according to Samaritan’s Purse, the Christian charity organization that ran
the Ebola clinic where Brantly worked as medical director.

EXCERPT FROM: Both U.S. Ebola Patients Released From Atlanta Hospital, 21
August 2014 (Bloomberg)

Secret007SkyFall says:

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