Nigeria Races To Halt Ebola Spread In Overcrowded Lagos

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When Liberian-American Patrick Sawyer collapsed at Lagos airport, he brought Ebola into a potentially ideal place for the deadly virus to spread – a vast, dirty, overcrowded city where tracing carriers and their contacts is a major problem.
Sawyer’s arrival last month from Liberia – which along with Sierra Leone and Guinea lies at the center of an outbreak that has killed more than 1,000 people – caught authorities in the Nigerian commercial capital unprepared.
By the time they realized where he was from or what illness he had, Sawyer had had contact with dozens of people. Lagos has now had 10 cases of Ebola, an illness spread by contact with the fluids of an infected person. Sawyer died five days later, followed by one of the nurses who first treated him. Eight others are confirmed infected and receiving treatment, including a hospital doctor.


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