Nigeria Closes, Isolates Hospital after Ebola Death

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The Nigerian city of Lagos shuts and quarantines a hospital, where a Liberian man died of the Ebola virus.

Full Story:

The UN’s World Health Organisation is on the hunt for anyone who’s had contact with a man who died of Ebola in Nigeria.

Two teams of experts in epidemics are being despatched after Patrick Sawyer died.

The consultant for the Liberian finance ministry collapsed on arrival at the Nigerian capital.

[Paul Garwood, WHO’s Spokesman]:
“We understand that in this part of the world, the borders are very, very porous, so it’s quite easy for people to cross from one country into another, without detection, without using a regular border crossings, so, we again see the most effective response to outbreaks such as this is to undertake clinical, laboratory testing, clinical management, contact tracing is essential.”

In Lagos, the Nigerian government shut down and quarantined the hospital where Sawyer died.

Authorities are also monitoring 59 people who were in contact with him.

[Olajide Idris, Lagos State Commissioner For Health]:
“Both the state and the federal government are up in arms to ensure that the virus does not escape and that no Nigerian is infected with this virus.”

It’s the first recorded case of Ebola in Nigeria — one of Africa’s most densely populated countries.

The government is concerned as the disease is highly contagious with symptoms including vomiting and internal and external bleeding. It can kill up to 90 per cent of people who catch it.

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