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New Jersey Nurse Will Sue for Release from Ebola Quarantine! | Ebola Videos

New Jersey Nurse Will Sue for Release from Ebola Quarantine!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.com Lwyers for a nurse quarantined in a New Jersey hospital say they’ll sue to have her released and file a constitutional ch…

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gojobuddy says:

What a selfish bitch! I give her props for wanting to help those in high
risk areas in Africa. She needs to take precautions and be Quarantine upon
her/their return or people need to not go there. Why risk her jetting
around and putting everyone at risk? If I were the president there would be
no flights allowed in or out. They would be given a set date to return and
all would be Quarantine. Especially since she was such high risk. Props to
the Governor of New Jersey!!!. If she sues, I doubt a jury would find in
her favor. When she was risking everyone. I certainly wouldn’t.

Gebor Fitralo says:

Folks, if Ebola is a bioweapon or some money making from WHO/pharma
industry out of an african US laboratory or maybe out of US itself, why on
Gods green earth are your borders wide open, why can everybody come in
country? I don’t get it.I mean you have the biggest spying programs, the
largest police and military in the world and in history – you are the the
world leading police state. And you can’t even stop flights or find
somebody with a deadly disease …? Seriously, yes? Maybe you should ask
yourself what they do with all your tax money.

Or you ask yourself: Is it all a hoax to take my rights away? But than you
have to ask yourself again: What the heck are they doing with my tax money
and my freedom?! Maybe we should hang ’em high? :)

Like always greetings from Russia.

mary cranshaw says:

Let her go and if she gets sick and infects others, sur the hell out of her
stupid ass! I have never heard of a more selfish person in my life. Lady
get over yourself you are not that special!

supernanababa says:

Why should our healthcare workers have to suffer because of our
president.Stop the f’n Flights!!!

DAHBOO77 says:

New Jersey Nurse Will Sue for Release from #Ebola Quarantine!

Surtac100 says:

Who is she going to sue??? The CDC the government??? LoL good luck with
that lady. Id be careful or you might just mysteriously end up catching

Raymo251 says:

Thats what I thought 42 day’s, thats what they did with the black plague.

Shugo489 says:

they tested her but they claim the test will show negative during
incubation period but she can develop symptoms anytime while still in the
incubation period. She hasn’t passed the incubation period yet I don’t

themanshere74 says:

That self centered scum. FACT: The US diagnostic test is utterly unreliable

CLUSTERF@@k says:

Section 1. Based upon the recommendation of the Secretary of Health and
Human Services (the “Secretary”), in consultation with the Surgeon General,
and for the purpose of specifying certain communicable diseases for
regulations providing for the apprehension, detention, or conditional
release of individuals to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread
of suspected communicable diseases, the following communicable diseases are
hereby specified pursuant to section 361(b) of the Public Health Service
(a) Cholera; Diphtheria; infectious Tuberculosis; Plague; Smallpox; Yellow
Fever; and Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers (Lassa, Marburg, Ebola, Crimean-Congo,
South American, and others not yet isolated or named).
(b) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which is a disease associated
with fever and signs and symptoms of pneumonia or other respiratory
illness, is transmitted from person to person predominantly by the
aerosolized or droplet route, and, if spread in the population, would have
severe public health consequences.

AnnBearForFreedom says:

Anyone know where she will be going home to if/when she is released early?

Charles Walton says:

She is a selfish bitch! She worked in the Hot Zone and we have seen many
Doctors and nurses that have come down with Ebola after working in that
area of Africa. This nurse made the choice to go into the Hot Zone and work
in direct contact with Ebola Pt’s. In consideration of her own family and
millions of people that live here in the U.S. she should quarantine herself
for 21 days. The symptoms of Ebola can happen quickly and when this occurs
it is to late and you can then expose and possibly infect many people while
walking out in public with this deadly virus. There is NO excuse why anyone
that works in the medical field would not want to quarantine themselves for
21 days to prevent risking other’s lives here in the U.S. Liberia is the
most dangerous Hot Zone country of Africa and in this particular area the
deadly virus is completely out of control!

If we keep playing a numbers game and allowing approx 6,000 people to fly
back here into the U.S. weekly from the Hot Zone areas of Africa then
eventually we will have an outbreak here on the U.S. that we will not be
able to control! That means we also must enforce a mandatory quarantine on
all medical worker’s that come back to the U.S. from any one of the 3 Hot
Zone countries of western Africa. The U.S. President, the CDC Director, the
State Department, etc are doing everything they can to NOT implement any
plans to protect us here in the U.S. So we must take things into our hands
on an individual state level or suffer the consequences! This is very

Frisky Bottomsuuater says:

I don’t wanna say she is a “whore”, but she is a total whore. – Carl
Brutananadilewski -

DeepSnowRider says:

2-21 day incubation period. You are spewing wrong information. CDC and the
World Health Organization say 2-21. Jackass your eyes are closed nutjob

thenworhemity1 says:

the lady did not get paralyzed from the neck up by ebola. she was born with
a latent form of stupidity that only manifests in the early 20s to the
early 30s. she is safe from ebola but has a serious case of dumbass.
dumbass is not contagious unless you spend a lot of time with them. I am
sorry for her shack up. he could catch a serious case of dumbass and a
touch of “I am above the law” and could get locked up.

Gerald Gardner says:

This dumb twat is a registered Democrat who said we have to be careful
about letting the government and politicians dictate your healthcare!

Jeannie Hardesty says:

If she was exposed and there is good reason to suspect she could get it,
where are the rest of the people involved with this? No one is ever the
ONLY one exposed. If symptoms can take up to 42 days to manifest, I wonder
if your blood test could be negative as well, for at least 39 – 40 days?
That’s the question. Would it be positive right away?

ps34v18 says:

“the woman is being hurt?” … you waffle back and forth on every issue …
how is she being hurt?

Tyrannosaur Rex says:

A nurse who has no regard for the safety of others should probably have her
licence removed.

jerzeydolphins says:


King Green says:

Good, I hope the bitch dies then.

Chip Garrison says:

That’s one trifling nasty dirty bitch.


And now they just let her out! No quarantine! Ridiculous!

Lee Smith says:

She should be compensated for lost wages and given a medal. It is the
fault of our government for allowing flights in and out of Africa. Those
who went to Africa should be quarentined there before returning to the
states and it isn’t their fault our government hasn’t set up adequate
measures to contain it. There isn’t any reason why our government can’t
set up an American volunteer hospital for those who need to be watched and
quaurantined before returning home and our government should pay for it
too! The disease is out because of them! We spend money on war, building
underground bases to save the elite, and leave expensive weapons in the
middle east without a second thought and all done with our money.
Protecting Americans should not be a second thought yet it is and those
who volunteer and put their lives on the line to help is an action to be
rewarded not criticized? Wake up people and stop blaming the wrong
individuals for our criminal government who could care less about you or
me. There are no excuses. Placing blame on those who try and help is
ridiculous and pathetic especially those with foul mouths. It is the fault
of our government, our negligent President, and whoever let this horrific
disease out into the public. 

kw757 says:

Fuck that bitch! Quarantines need to be implemented, and they must not be
optional. Opportunist, greedy cunt just wants money for nothing. This
Ebola thing can be contained, but only if lock-downs are done NOW!

Cecilia Morris says:

If she wants to spend it at home, with guards, then I agree with her, but
if she wants simply released from quarantine restrictions during the
incubation period watch, no. 

Nicole Vinson says:

I guess She didnt get the memo on the executive order Obama signed about
forced quarantine. .. so maybe she should sue his ass

BadBrainPrepp says:

Like the fucking bum said” This will be a trial run” (the bum being Obama)

havfaith S. says:

There are documented false negatives.

Kaidec0910 says:

There must be a reason she could come down with or she would wouldn’t be
quarantined. If there is a possibility she has it, why wouldn’t she want to
protect others? I don’t understand why people who have come in contact with
Ebola, can’t be smart. You would think they would at least want to protect
the people they love. Then doctor and the nurses are suppose care about
people and their health!

OnTheRoad says:

If Medicos don’t want quarantine then they should also be liable for costs
of any outbreak they cause. Example doctor returns from Africa and has
Ebola, then they are up for all costs for police, and emergency response,
even to the price of the gloves and hazmat items.

TheWord2You says:

Stop the Flights!

Frisky Bottomsuuater says:

Typical liberal entitled mentality. I would think that she would be happy
to “occupy” her quarantine for a while. What a miracle of humanity that
this narcissistic, mercenary personality has emerged. A nurse, a chosen
noble profession, then used as currency for her own narrow wishes. All
others be damned! As long as Precious gets what Precious wants!

DuraDigi says:

Unfortunately I think its right to quarantine her had they done that to
Duncan he may be alive right now 

thenworhemity1 says:

I like the opinion “bitch/bastard” get over yourself. we have some
government in the new York/jersey area. if you are a danger to the general
population please do not whine when you are told to observe normal protocol
and stay in your home or tent. such a bitch. “oh, I been having to eat
granola bars and spring water” it is almost like being in a concentration
camp. a fucking whiner. what if she had got back to her sperm donor and
shared spit, sperm, sweat? this is why you have to depend on leaders like
the governors of the affected states. soon it will include Georgia and
florida. I want anyone in my family to stay home for the required days (21
to 40) and rest, watch the news and take their temp 2x per day. why is a
doctor or nurse different from the African who came to see his “betrothed”
and died, bleeding out his guts and ass and infecting stupid assed nurses
who got a few days off and decided to go on a trip and select their “gowns”
and at the same time cause the “quarantine” of a bunch of skank ho bitches
and associated people? can we get people to just stop sharing “bodily

da7thangel says:

And nsa has all your information they could easily pick out all undesirable
and have them quarantine then forced to take vaccine I think this might be
the beginning of the culling there practically gloating at the fact that
they can tell us what’s happening and there’s nothing we could do about it
but fight or stand down and die.

Matt Paradise says:

This has just gotten out of control. We want to discourage any unnecessary
travel to Africa, especially any that involves the high risk or Ebola
infested areas. She is being very selfish.

Briggie Marie says:

No they haven’t tested. Ebola is a fraud. A fraud to get vaccinations to
infect us w rabies 

Nacht Schreck says:

hmmm turns out this nurse actually WORKS for the CDC herself, for the CDC
“Epidemic Intelligence Service” to be precise. So she was fully aware of
the protocol for quarantine. This whole thing is a hoax. The CDC and the
White House seem to want to allow the virus to spread far and wide, if it
even really exists. I have my suspicions as to why but won’t go into it
here. This whole Ebola thing is not what it seems. It is either a complete
hoax meant to drive people into a state of fear and panic, to distract us
from real issues, or it is a weapon being unleashed upon the people by the
elite in order to show us what they are capable of should we start to
demand too much accountability from our government and military leaders.
Either way, the CDC and White House are lying to us.

4shacks1house says:

You know what? You go to a shit hole of a contaminated country and expect
to get a pass like it’s nothing? Go fuck your self. Just because you did
something good does not mean you can step on other people doing so by
disregarding the law. A Beyond Arrogant Cunt. Fell free to stay there the
next time and sit out your ailment, whatever that might be. Do not bring
that nasty ass shit to the US. We have enough of this filth coming in at
the southern borders bring in their own brand of diseases.

foggyrange says:

I see the Lawyers got a 2 for 1 on shirts.

laura H says:

These healthcare workers having been taking care of those ebola patients
should be quarantined WE do not want this .But also one fact thatis being
overlooked is the 100-150 a day from those countries from having been
living wokring and doing all things people do amoungst other who suddenly
are getting sick and dying are being allowed into this country with no more
scrutiny than a simple temperature taken as they come through the gate at
the air port and everyone knows they know ways around that so the outrage
should also spill into the fact they are letting the regular citizens of
those countries come in and take a rick of infecting others!Just and Thomas
Duncan did IF that even is his name!

dhgodzilla1 says:

They should not let her go for at least the 2 week period if not the 42 day
& she should be o paid leave with delivery service for her needs

michelle wrathell says:

This is exactly why there should be a ban on all airlines coming and going
to and from Ebola stricken country’s!

rdp317 says:

she should move to africa. shes nothing but a selfish bitch. 

Arachnoscribe says:

Until our (America’s) medical professionals, government representatives and
general populace are on at least the same chapter in the Ebola crusade
manual, bumps in the road are to be expected.
(It’s ridiculous to pitch a fit about camping out in a tent for a short
while, especially on the grounds of civil liberty violations.)

She gets the “Whiny Bitch of the Week” award for conspicuous immaturity.

johnny Begood says:

Millions of sick mexicans came across the boarder, no one gave a shit, they
are checking peoples temprature at airports, and millions of sick mexicans
came across the boarder and no one gave a shit, point is , no one gives a
shit anymore, do what ever the fuck you want, no one gives a shit.

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