New Jersey Nurse in Quarantine for Ebola is Discharged, Going to Maine

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Oct. 27 (Bloomberg) — A nurse confined to quarantine and being monitored for Ebola in New Jersey after returning from aid work in Sierra Leone is being disc…


themanshere74 says:

That self centered scum. FACT: The US diagnostic test is utterly

William Claypoole says:

I dont thinknit is excessive to be cautious with such a deasly disease.
Just becausenshentested negarive now, doesnt mean it wont be present later.
To just go to another state and possibly endanger others is unnessacary. Im
all about freedom and individual rights, but when the possibility remains,
it should just be common sense. People have unfortunately become too self
centered and only think for themselves, which is a santanic quality.
Satanic in not of the religious sense, but by the basic definition.

20spurSAT says:

Look at me……..I sacrificed my life in Africa helping the chiiiiiiildren
with Ebola. Look at me….. im giving back to the community. Nobody notice
the hard work I put in. Im suing the state. Please look at me ……

Typical liberal. 

Maleblade says:

Huuuuummmm,an individual has a right (I guess) to risk his or hers life to
help others…but not to right to risk others lives by their actions…imo.

Jayson Williams says:

your reporters are lying and misinformed. She is not free of Ebola yet –
she has not tested positive yet but it may be incubated – that why the
military has done a 21 day quarantine – why is the press supporting this
self-fish nurse who feels she is above the medical protocol procedures for
deadly infectious diseases because she was angry or discomforted – it is
outrageous really to the rest of us who do not want this disease spread and
then 1000’s of footsteps later traced – it is absolutely insane

fabiolus2007 says:

She needs to be put into isolation then she should be sued for putting the
lives of others in danger.

What an ignorant nurse, she should also lose her right to practice being a
nurse…what a role model she is….BOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO

Alex Stradivarius says:

If she had been a good person she would voluntarily put herself on
quarantine just “to be sure”, like the spaniard doctor did when attending
the ebola case in his country.

charles williams says:

doctors took a oath. Sad to see them and their nurses fail. When it counts
the most.

numberourdays says:

I think we should get a lawyer and sue this nurse for breaking quarantine.

Jayson Williams says:

according to the CDC I thought we were all prepared – make this doctors
and nurses stay in Africa for 6 month or a year – this back and forth
routine is silly or order military doctors to do this or use contractors –
why is this so hard for Obama to manage? His lack of leadership is
breathtaking and I am a life long democrat – he is failing bad

Dan Lee says:

she wants attention. She’s obviously an attention whore.

themanshere74 says:

Obama has failed the people of the USA.

Alyssa Banville says:

i live 5 minutes away from where she is in maine scrary stuff

alz123alz says:

It not the health care workers that we have to worry about. Who better
than them know how to dispel and decontaminated waste 21 days with chlorine
bleach after returning here. Having served on first line fighting the
Ebola virus and risking their lives they should be treated with respect
. It is other people from Nigeria that should be quarantine,

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