New Ebola quarantine measures in U.S. face backlash 미국 에볼라 확산 우려 완화로 환율 하락

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And turning to the global Ebola watch.
Three states in the U.S. have come under fire… after enacting new quarantine measures for suspected Ebola patients… that some are calling a violation of human rights.
Paul, last week many people were welcoming stricter health screenings at major U.S. airports.
Why are people up in arms over this latest move?
Well, the new rules that were recently introduced in New York, New Jersey, and Illinois require any travelers from West Africa that had contact with Ebola patients… to submit to a mandatory quarantine for 21 days,… even if they do not exhibit any symptoms of the virus.
Kaci Hickox, a nurse returning from Sierra Leone, was the first person on Friday to be isolated under the stricter measures.
She is now reportedly taking legal action against the state health authorities,… claiming her civil liberties are being violated.
During an interview on NBC′s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, the U.S. director for Doctors Without Borders said she was totally confused about the orders.

“… we have put in place over the past few months protocols that are based on science and accepted and these protocols have been strictly followed by our staff. They consist our self-monitoring, very strict self-monitoring. We ask our volunteers coming back from West Africa to monitor their temperature twice a day during 21 days….”
Meanwhile, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power has begun her trip to West Africa… to assess the global response to the Ebola outbreak.
Power warned that more medical staff was urgently needed for the hardest hit countries… and said it was important not to stigmatize health workers that travel overseas to help address the epidemic.


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