New Ebola case in DR Congo sets back awaited end to outbreak

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A new case of the Ebola virus has been confirmed in eastern Congo, just three days before the country expected to declare an end to the outbreak, the World Health Organization said Friday.

The new case was confirmed in Beni, a community that had been an epicenter of the second-deadliest Ebola outbreak in history.

It had been nearly 42 days without a case, and WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Congo’s declaration had been planned for Monday. “We have been preparing for and expecting mor…

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Mthany Aman says:

Burn the earth burn it burn Trump with it

Sand says:

i ship corona with ebola my OTP!!!

Srinidhi Padmanabhan says:

Oh God…
One crisis at a time. Please.

mary jaber says:

Ebola is a man made disease using and mutating a number of viruses and bacteria.
The measles virus
The meningococcal bacteria
The SARS ( combination of viruses)
So what are they really playing at!!!!!

LALO - says:

Wake up everyone please.

XXStrong1 says:

You gotta be shitting me……

Marie Heartfilia says:


Franzelle Levida says:

2020 is the legit hunger games….



Ife ka Terry says:

It is political-ebola. Trump defunds the WHO and they want to make it seems like everyone in Africa would die if US doesn't support the organization. I am African and wish the organization is disbanded. All the money sent are used by corrupt individuals to buy cars and live large. It is a useless organization.

QBee Bee says:

Yaaa because Africa refused covid 19 vaccines, now the Ebola was revived from the lab.
Hochi::Why are there few cases of Covid -19 in Africa???
Tsoko::::Ummmmm I don't know.
Hochi:::I have a plan.
Tsoko:: What is it.
Hochi::I will revive Ebola from the lab.
Tsoko:::Is that your best shot.
Hochi:::This time they will kick the bucket like rats.
Tsoko:: God is watching

Rupez pun says:

Is this a new species of ebola?

Ginger Badjie says:

No. Poor DRC. They have suffered more than enough. Breaks my heart 💔

Banana Republik says:

Ebola virus..we cannot let the corona take over

P F says:

Islam and Judaism forbid the consumption of pork. Hinduism forbids the consumption of beef. How come there is no religion forbidding the consumption of bats?

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