New case of Ebola recorded in Nigeria

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Nigeria’s Minister of Health Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu announced that a new case of Ebola, which brings to ten the number of infected people. The patient is a female nurse who treated the Liberian man who first came into Nigeria carrying the Ebola virus disease.
The minister said eight are being treated at the Infectious disease Hospital in the Nigerian commercial city of Lagos while the government is planning to open more isolation centers to tackle the health emergency. Nearly one thousand persons have so far died from the highly infectious Ebola virus disease in the four West African nations of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria since March 2014. Nigeria has set up screening centers at many ports of entry like airports where officials screen and isolate passengers coming into the country with high temperatures. Some of the officials at the airport now wear protective gloves while performing their duties. Others wear masks. Nigerian doctors have been on strike for several weeks now. This has raised questions about Nigeria’s ability to handle the Ebola crisis effectively. Nigeria’s minister of Health says there is cause for alarm. The government has taken measures to counter the action of the striking doctors. But many health practitioners disagreed with the submission of the minister explaining that doctors and good health infrastructures are needed to effectively contain the Ebola. Up till now there is no cure for Ebola, but it can be prevented by maintaining basic personal and environmental hygiene and avoiding contact with infected persons.


elite1980s says:

Pharmaceutical corporation's prints all over this suspicious case. Anything to terrify countries to purchase vaccinations from these companies and also a knock on affect on African countries who deal with China through direct trade and other financial business deals.
Btw, here's one good article on these Big Pharmas and their shady tactics.

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