Nearly 20,000 Nurses Strike In California Over Ebola Measures!

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Close Nearly 20000 nurses went on strike in California on Tuesday over patient care issues that include what their union views…


MUTT N.C. says:

I am finding it ironic that a state that has gone Against every measure of
the Constitution and beyond Morality! The state that fights for Illegals
to come into this Country! Brings back the Most Failed governor in the
history of the state! Re-Elects feinstein, boxer, honda etc… Sells this
Countries land to china! Reap what you have sown, only the wise will leave
who know what’s coming!

Scotto Wd says:

I’m a male nurse and the reality is the vast majority of american hospitals
are not prepared to effectively treat ebola patients. The problem revolves
around the for profit focus of our medical industry. The “treat and street”
focus of care for patients who have no health insurance. Those individuals
would be the poor and because of the “un-affordable care act” people will
receive even less medical care and be streeted. The poor will be the ones
most effected by a disease like ebola and it will be spread
quickley through the poor population. Because of the inflated cost of
american healthcare the poor will only come to the hospital when they are
so sick and desperate. Nurses are the health professionals on the front
line dealing with patients face to face and not hospital administrators.

Chad Cook says:

Ebola is fake

James Allen says:

If they were trained… they might actually stop it… that’s not part of
the agenda here.
The “Less is More” crowd is in a full out sprint to use up the fema camp

128pagenovella says:

are the nurses protesting out of camera? all i see are a bunch of third
worlders demanding to invade white settlements and elbow whites out of
living space and institutions.

guilda kriletich says:

I read that ultra violet light kills the virus and that every hospital
should install a room. Its takes minutes and your have no disease left.
Gone. I asked a doctor friend of mine and he said it wouldnt surprise him,
that Ultra Violet ligjht kills alot of bacteria and is very good for that
kind of thing. That would be worth looking into or is too cheap and too
easy,, no money for the vaccine companies and big pharma. Scary shit. Now
its air borne so they say, it has never been air borne it is only through
sharing of body fluids in several different ways such as blood or semen or
saliva. I smell an engineered rat and it stinks big time

charity7134 says:

check out this Canadian tv show:
Watch the first episode! REALLY?

carol bellinger says:

it would be great if people would strike other issues.

5starsteve1 says:

WHAT EBOLA PATIENTS !!!!…suspected of having Ebola??? i think this is a
ploy to get a [so called] Vacine…that they will Force us to take with
Unexpected Complications??? MMMM California Nurses???…i smell a Rat…

Dean Buckman says:

So now all californication’s problems are because of obola they voted for
twice? Sorry. I think it’s all the parasites, illegals, imported disease,
decades of mismanagement and fukushima that are more prevalent. Obola
hasn’t done anything compared to those – the disease called Berkeley killed
Californication like the vd it is. ?

DAHBOO77 says:

Nearly 20,000 Nurses Strike In #California Over Ebola Measures!

Ramon Tbilisi says:

Bedbugs has a better chance on being reported by the media than Ebola

badlegend1 says:

I read they are only on strike on their off hours??Kind of defeats the
purpose of a strike.Gonna work all day and strike all nite,stupid!What a
useless idea.A strike is when you stop working period,till demands are
met.People are so fkn dumb anymore.

1pooltub says:

Good for them. People have got to start demanding the government release
the vaccine they co-developed when they developed and patented the virus.

zwerina56 says:

Not wearing green-on a different team. No doubt with the strike going on
you won’t see another hoax anytime soon?

cityofangelslady says:

gee, maybe we need a national health care policy. . . 

Dennis Dugan says:

This link contains the only effective plan to fight the Ebola Pandemic

ShOwStOpp3rr says:

swine flu beware!,,fizzles out… bird flu beware!,,fizzles out…EBOLA
beware!,,,fizzles out..

ashley Lastmason says:

maybe you should get on welfare summer rose

Eric Erb says:

The News and Information That Matter To You Most,
It’s the One and Only EricErbShow

Ramon Tbilisi says:

Ebola is done, it was a hoax.
Even the media has stopped talking about it in NYC,
Now…Back to the weather.

Michael Robertson says:

Bikini wax 

DCS Lightworker says:

EBOLA has been “swept under the rug.” After the two nurses recovered but
the one doctor in New York died I think, I haven’t heard anything more.
Feels False Flag like.

Joke Visser says:

I’m sorry Dahbs.
Fake material this time.

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