NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman Under Fire For Ignoring Voluntary Ebola Quarantine

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Health officials and residents in Hopewell, New Jersey are alarmed that NBC’s Chief Medical Editor, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, violated her own voluntary quarantine after she was potentially exposed to the deadly Ebola virus while in Liberia.

Snyderman is believed to have been seen sitting in her car while a gentleman that she was with went in to get a bite to eat at the Peasant Grill. These sightings were first posted on Planet Princeton, an independent news website, and since the reports have surfaced, Snyderman has now been placed on an involuntary quarantine by New Jersey officials until October 22, 2014.

Snyderman was recently in West Africa on assignment where she came in contact with a crew member who was diagnosed with Ebola. Hopewell residents like Paul Bosco feel like Snyderman’s decision to ignore the quarantine is extremely careless.

“That is irresponsible that she was supposed to be quarantined and is not. Who wants a zombie virus? Nobody does,” he said.



lostallmymirth says:

After NBC gives her the axe, let the pompous pirmadonna go back to private practice and try to convince unsuspecting patients that she knows what's best for them.  

Cathianne1 says:

As the mother of a critical care nurse in the area, I ask you sign the petition to have "Dr" Nancy fired.

Cheryl Joyner says:

NBC – Fire Nancy Snyderman.  Arrogant elitist with a cavalier attitude toward the general public.  FIRE HER!  I will be switching channels until she is gone.  Unbelievable arrogance, there really are no words to sum up how self involved this person is toward her fellow man/woman.   The apology was about what you would expect from someone stupid enough to do what she has done.   FIRE HER, FIRE HER, FIRE NANCY SNYDERMAN. 

Scarlet Dove says:

There are simply no words for this kind of irresponsibility, and yes she should be fired!  This is an example of the arrogance of this administration and its media DNC mentality–rules are for everybody else but us!

death2pc says:

Fire this hubris ridden liberal bitch!

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