NBC Dr. Nancy Snyderman — Ebola Quarantine Violation Got Local Maid FIRED

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NBC Medical Correspondent Nancy Snyderman caused a maid to get fired and it’s all because Nancy violated her Ebola quarantine by taking a drive to a local restaurant. Turns out the chef at The Peasant Grill near Princeton, NJ — where Nancy went last week to grab some grub — is the brother of Vilma, who works as a maid in town. After TMZ and other media reported Nancy’s breach … people in the town panicked. They were concerned because Nancy and her crew were all in contact with a cameraman who contracted Ebola, and one of the guys in the quarantined crew went inside the restaurant to pick up the food. We’ve learned 2 homeowners who had been using Vilma for years freaked out because they feared her brother might have exposed her to the virus. So the 2 homeowners told Vilma she could no longer work with them … until further notice.



Anna Brown says:

she should have kept her ass home like she was told 

moormagic1 says:

I blame the media for scaring people.

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