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National Geographic| Ebola virus disease- History channel – bbc Documentary | Ebola Videos

National Geographic| Ebola virus disease- History channel – bbc Documentary

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BBC Documentary says:
religion-pointless god-good says:

why do all diseases always start from Africa

White man’s burden? 

gary winkler says:

Wouldn’t eating monkey meat for these people be like a form of cannibalism?
These fucking primitives are going to be the next Apocalypse. Western
civilization evolved out of the stage where living in your own shit and
sleeping with animals then eating them is now a dim memory. These people
are disgusting and deserve to die from their own creation. The fact that
they are Muslims makes it so much easier to just say fuck them all! 

qwyzl says:

guess these geniuses never heard of vaccines – which are weakened or dead
viruses that are injected in to the body to help the body build immunity to
them. why can’t they make a vaccine from this virus?

Mapz Hmar Zate says:

It might be cruel to ask but i don’t know why Africa can never gets better
even from all of those helps they received from many countries and
individual people( like Celebrities) ?? Help that goes in to Africa worth
millions of millions every year but it’s almost impossible to see even an
inch of development as if the people and the governments are corrupted or
something.. and most of all, always produce the most fatal diseases then if
they didn’t receive the amount of helps as others receive they get angry to
another people who helps them. They are kindda pissing me off sometimes.
Anyway, i wish alll of those people to get a speedy recovery( if they still
have a chance). Thank You. 

Lovely May says:

Ebola – cud this be the plaque of the 21st century?? Scary stuff :(

Tom Sanders - Voldemort says:

Hey bbc should I commit suicide if Ebola comes to my state

CrysisYaDig says:


zekromarts says:

Are you kidding me if its that bad then close international borders in
Africa and if you do get out of Africa make the people stay in quarantine
for 30 days for the health care workers over there 

qwyzl says:

the BEST way to stop these viruses is simple – CLOSE THE DAMN BORDERS OF
EVERY WESTERN COUNTRY. why is that so hard for people to comprehend?

about five minutes in – WRONG. she’s AMERICAN. enough with this, putting
the country of your parents FIRST, then the country you call home. she is
AMERICAN. just like I’M american, of hungarian and swedish DESCENT. the
country you live in is the ONLY country that should be mentioned. if
people ask, THEN you can give them your ancestral history – but it should

Mitchdabitch says:

Dayumm if it get airbourn lota people gonna die 

Andrea Bormotova says:

They will have to learn that as Monkeys have 90% similar DNA to us, that
any cross contamination, such as the risk that occurrs in the processing of
monkey meat, is extremely risky. Humans can contract primate diseases vrey
easily. Cows, sheep do not have this risk as we are too genetically
disimilar. HIV type 1 occurred from the same reason. What next!!!!!!!!
Otherwise we need to quarintine the whole of Africa from the rest of the
world if they don’t change their selfish and dangerous habits.

Jodie Starling says:

Most of the time in this video, the reporter isnt wearing any protector in
spite of other people around him wearing so.

I wonder how he is now… has he been infected by the virus or not?

Gordon Ingram says:

Respiratory Vaccine is now available and currently being tested with high
success rate of 67% to 100% in primates than the injectable vaccines. It
is being developed by The University of Texas at Austin with NIH.

CJ Cronin says:

Why can’t Americans just make a straight out documentary instead of
something that sounds like a hard sell commercial? One tends not to believe
anything with such sensationalized overselling.

Aaron S says:

These epidemics seem to be new so I personally question the bush-meat
theory. If it were true then these diseases would already be common.
Perhaps vaccines made from bush-meat? It is proven to be the cause of many
cases of brain tumors in the US, via Virus SV40

XicaPapoila says:

Interesting and important documentary. Followed by disgusting, pig
ignorant, racist, inhumane, short sighted and puerile comments.

WPA Family says:

Fuck u Ebola 

Dan Vasse says:

why was there not much research done to find a cure back in 1976 when it
was first discovered? it only affected black people in Africa and that is

Aaron S says:

According to this documentary it is due to zoological diseases which find
their way into people via bush-meat

Tom Sanders - Voldemort says:

Well I’m dead I hope God accepts me 

Dan Vasse says:

Ebola is NOT new! People were dying from Ebola in Africa years ago when
there was an outbreak, but it was confined to Africa. The Ebola virus is
named after a river and village in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
(formerly Zaïre) where it was first discovered and isolated in 1976. The
virus causes severe hemhorragic fever and often leads to death. Ebola is a
“new threat” because it is crossing borders and now a threat to the white
race!! Before it was not an epidemic….but now it is coming to America
and elsewhere, it becomes a world problem! 

larquieshaartist says:

Dude you cant just say black people are filthy. Ben Kelly, whoever you are.
Keep comment to yourself.

Ben Kelly says:

Filthy black people

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