My Two Cents: Nurse Hickox and the Ebola Quarantine

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These are my thoughts and opinions. Let’s chat about it.


NaturallyNellzy says:

I liked this video before i watched it lol. I love these! BTW, I LOVE YOUR

Robin Josey says:

I can respect people wanting to make sure they are safe. But we have let
fear and hysteria remove any logic when it comes to law on this issue. That
being said, the Flu still kills more people every year than Ebola does.
It’s lethal and people dont get immunized, don’t cover their mouths when
they cough and sneeze and still show up to work, send their kids to school.
I catch the bus to work, and that’s a mobile Petri dish of disease. I see
women all the time who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. And
then go to the break room and touch the refrigerator door. And people
wonder why I’m always washing my hands, using lotion (because it keeps
hands from.getting dry, and cracked and becoming a welcoming environment
for illness).

But Ebola is going to kill us all. 

beautiessentials says:

I agree Sis..For the good will and protection of others.

HappyKeepin ItNappy says:

I remember the day you posted a pic/article of this nurse riding her bike
and you said, “Looks like somebody needed some attention”. That was so
true. The whole situation had me irritated. I didn’t understand her logic.
Yes, 21 days is a good chunk of time, but it doesn’t compare to risking
someone’s life. How does one go to Africa to help with the crisis, but
becomes uppity when asked to take safety precautions in their homeland?
Like you said, she took an oath.

capria30 says:

Nurse Hickox made that decision because her neighbors basically stated to
her that she would not be welcomed in any establishments in town and have
pressured her family to convince her to stay her behind at home. Some have
probably threatened her.

She was being defiant because she was inconvenienced and self centered.

HappyKeepin ItNappy says:

Continued: I think she should be on some type of medical review. It also
makes me wonder if she doesn’t follow certain protocols on the job, simply
because she feels she shouldn’t have to.

Textured Beauty says:

now i think they handled it the wrong way initially when they had her held
up in a tent in the parking lot under those conditions. omg if it was me i
would have been fuming too, but i do agree that she should have sat her
behind down and just went into quarantine as a precaution, all that other
stuff she was doing was doing too much! 

TheFoxylady14 says:

I let out a laugh as you summarized your final thoughts on the matter. I
agree with you. It’s common sense that for the greater good for everyone
that some precautions have to be taken even at the inconvenience of those
that are gallant enough to care for people with this terrible disease. When
she came back here and had her freedom taken away because Ebola had made it
to the U.S. it was shock to her. Unfortunately some people will continue to
stigmatize and shun her (even if she finishes her quarantine with no
symptoms) and those that have been treated and cured. The doctor and the
first nurse that were cured stated some people still do not trust being
near them. On a lighter note, you was looking mighty fly on the road! I
love those glasses!!

simply stylishki says:

My Two Cents: Nurse Hickox and the Ebola Quaranti…:

cre8tivity87 says:

I just watched your video and agree 100%. I live in NJ and lord knows I am
not a Chris Christie fan but I do agree with the quarantine. So I wonder
when her book will be out.

Beautiful Soul says:

Add a message to your video


I have so much to say I can’t even get my words together, So glad she
didn’t live around here, because she would need the police just for her
safety.. (She is showing the powder that they have!!)

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