MSF briefing on French worker who contracted Ebola in Liberia being evacuated to France

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Officials from international health organisation Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said on Thursday that it was taking too long to evacuate a French nurse infected with the Ebola virus from Liberia to Paris.
The woman, who first showed symptoms on Tuesday, was earlier taken to a hospital prepared to treat Ebola patients.
“Right now she is still in Monrovia. It’s going to be more than 40 hours and that’s too long,” said MSF’s medical director Bertrand Draguez at a news conference in Paris.
MSF’s director of operations said they was organising the evacuation themselves but had requested help from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other authorities.
He added the plane was a US plane that had been used for other evacuations.
Since the Ebola outbreak began, at least seven international health workers have been taken abroad for treatment.
The Ebola outbreak that has struck Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria and Senegal is believed to have sickened nearly 5,000 people, about half of whom have died.
There is no licensed treatment or vaccine for Ebola, but doctors have tried out novel drugs and treatments on a handful of patients in this outbreak.

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