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More Than 100 People Being Monitored for Ebola Symptoms In Ohio! | Ebola Videos

More Than 100 People Being Monitored for Ebola Symptoms In Ohio!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.com Health officials in Ohio are monitoring more than 100 people following the visit by a Dallas nurse who tested positive fo…

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Brittany O'Dea-Wilkinson says:

Ebola will only plague the ones who aren’t on good terms with God. Learn
how to heal the sick in Jesus name and your family will be fine. Yes it is
that easy. I did it today at the local park. It was my first time. It’s
real. Jesus says miracles signs and wonders will follow ALL who believe and
heal in His name. The church told me miracles aren’t for regular people
like me. I said jesus says in the bible it is. Tell me how I was able to
heal a victim of domestic violence from a migraine she has constantly from
a steal plate in her skull. The ones who belong to jesus need NOT fear
ebola. Pray for the unsaved reach out and tell people how to get saved in
jesus name.

MAJ-12/SM420 says:

Not attacking D- just adding a link-
This is LIBERIAN DOCTORS saying WE the U.S. took vaccines there to cure or
defend from something else but, after injections? Boom! Instant PANDEMIC
there…and creeping it’s way here. So, what’s the next move? Vaccines.
Don’t take the vaccines. I don’t even take the annual FLU shot and I
haven’t been sick in decades- and that includes the common cold. Last time
I had a cold? It was weak and lasted MAYBE 2 days.

Marina Mm says:

People get freaked out that the government can’t wait to trample on our
constitutional rights and that martial law is coming…but the government
has not been doing that, they have been respecting people’s civil rights
when it comes to ebola and they have not been extending themselves to the
point of causing constitutional issues (no unlawful detainment, no forcing
people to do anything, they have simply been making recommendations). The
people that scream about the government having too much power are now
screaming for the government to do more and act with more power now that
ebola is a concern. Which one is it? Do you want the government to stay
away or do you want them to act against our freedoms? Duncan’s family would
not listen to health officials, they kept going to school and work, when
officials saw this they didn’t run in to slam them on the ground and force
them to do anything they went to present their concerns to the court and
the court issued a court order for them to stay in their home and that’s
how that went down, no abuse of authority. That’s why a potentially exposed
nurse is on a cruise ship right now quarantined causing potential problems
for other countries and the other nurse traveled on two planes and the CDC
told her she could fly with a low grade fever. The federal government has
to be careful not to trample on the state and all government has to be
careful to not trample on freedoms and that’s why you don’t see the
government forcing people to do anything with this ebola situation. The
nurse flew irresponsibly but not illegally and she did not and would not
have been detained without evidence (her fever wasn’t high enough to be
considered symptoms) or a court order. This is why potential exposures have
jumped from 40 to 800 in the matter of days. With freedom comes
responsibility. Citizens need to not rely on the government for direction,
in a situation like this, people should be more cautious than government
procedures and keep themselves and others safe from possible exposure and
instead of asking the government to behave with more power than they have
over us and wanting more laws that brush up against our freedoms, instead
demand more of your fellow citizens to act responsibly. Other countries do
things differently and should not be compared to the U.S. because citizens
of other countries do not have the rights and freedoms that we do.

TheWordprophet says:

This whole thing confounds me still.
The US president hugged and kissed Ebola caregivers.
He is a criminal, and he knows what is behind this plague.
So, in light of this event, either:
1. He and his mafia friends have the medicine to keep them from the
disease, or
2. The disease is not Ebola, it is not spread from person to person, but is
caused by some sort of vaccine or other medication that the victims have
been subjected to.

There is simply NO OTHER WAY that a man like Soetero would have done what
he did.
There HAD to be NO DOUBT in his mind that what he did was safe.
He would not risk his life for anyone.

Cloxxki says:

Every flu is now classified as Ebola.

Ebola means you bleed right through your mattress, right?

Kiss your rights and liberties good bye. 

samanthapayne77 says:

obama probably allready had his ‘vaccine’!!!so i wouldn’t be worried
either… one for the elites and the governments and one for the masses …
they ain’t stickin me with their needles..!!!!……

WLUP1 says:

What we need to do right now is work on getting some kind of plant or herb
or root from the ground that will kill this disease. Our Creator gives us
all we need on this Earth to heal ourselves without the help of drugs that
Satan and his evil seed want to push on mankind. Garlic, Onion, Peppers,
Vegetables, whatever but in order for our bodies to be strong we need to be
able to fight this with what He created and show everyone that He is in
control and we need to Trust in Him with OUR Bodies and Our Life. Instead
of freaking out, let’s eat good food and build up our immune system.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld says:

She thinks the paper mask is shielding Ebola LOL
Idiot Americans! You will be begging for that NWO vaccine… LOL

OmahaTom says:

Dahboo77 isnt real. He’s a Judas Sheep.. He says that it’s GOOD that Ohio
is quarantining (a.k.a. imprisoning) perfectly healthy, non-symptomatic
people in their homes?? Not buying it. Sure, some vigilance to prevent
public outbreak of a deadly virus is good, but when we are stripping
peoples liberties away who are NON-SYMPTOMATIC, that is far beyond any
previous Constitutional over-reach. I can’t help but remember the idea,
which now might end up being true, that tyranny and an authoritarian one
world government will be ushered in not by force, but rather by demand…
accompanied by applause.

EBOLA is the next 9/11! Wake up! This time you can know about it first!
Maybe we can bring about swift, harsh, but civilized Justice to those who
hurt humanity and America this time.

401rach says:

i started wearing mask etc out in public last week and have limited my
going out ( only when necessary )….im lucky i dont have too leave my home
too work 

Mentuhotep Ra says:

Why does it seems that blacks are the only ones who’re contagious?

James Mccall says:

Mother in quarantine in Akron as well.

Gazelle Richardson says:

As Individuals, people have to take responsibility for themselves, make
smart choices, stay away from people as much as possible, home school,
avoid places where people gather as much as possible. Get stocked on
everything needed NOW, if you haven’t already done it. Educate your kids.
Keep your pets inside. Stay home and do things as a family that don’t
require you have contact with others. 

1pooltub says:

Any more info on the guy with the clipboard who was involved in the air
transport of a supposed Ebola victim? Anybody figure out yet that the
spread of this virus is being orchestrated by the CDC, FEMA and the USG?
How soon will they start talking about canceling the upcoming elections for
safety? I can agree with that whether this is staged or real life,
unfortunately this would allow more time to falsify voting. Start thinking
about instead of canceling all voters will get an absentee ballot. The
election results will be postponed to allow all absentee ballots to be
accounted for. The absentee ballot system is actually a lot safer than the
regular voting process when it comes to tampering. Let’s turn this FEMA
false flag lemon into lemonade!

Chaley Hinson says:

Here in Seattle, folks asking about Duncan’s GF and their four young
children? Peeps mixing bleach solutions to disinfect surfaces and handles.
We r checking emergency supplies and stocking up on personal comfort items.
Starting to sense the vigilance of possible qaurentine in near future. Not
fear, just educate and empower. Thanks Dahboo. U have been saying for
months things that r now a reality. Protocol, follow it to a tee. 

D canterbury says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

I’m in ohio I’m proud of my state

Our president is not credible he is our enemy 

wolfcalls says:

getting a bit close to home here in cincy.

Patriot Minded says:

The demonization of God’s chosen people continues…. Can’t you all see
what this is about? This is the war (Rev. 12:17) by Edom/Satan against the
REAL children of Israel. African Americans, you are from the seed of
Jacob, of the tribe of Judah. And you big brother Esau is doing his best
to destroy you. Wake up, accept Christ as your sacrifice, and keep the
commandments of God! 

Eugene F says:

My parents are super freaking right now. The dress shop in Akron is about 3
miles away from their home. It’s not necessarily the distance, but the fact
it could be in the area. Been telling them for years they need to get out
of the city. Hopefully, this will entice them to move states.

FreedomFighter777 says:

This is getting dumb now. 

Don N says:

your mouth can just as easily get in through your eye or any other mucus
related orifice. Any hospital that quarantines for even lesser infections
like MRSA make their nurses wear full hoods and body protection. Best thing
to do is, just steer clear of any who might be infected, don’t make a huge
deal out it, just keep a good distance.

Well Informed says:

This shit isn’t good man. Like wtf are we supposed to do? Not leave the
house lol 

Eskie Pal says:

Could it be Northeast Ohio is doing so well with the ebola crisis because
they have the Cleveland Clinic in their backyard..the most renowned
hospital in the world? I’m sure they have been consulted on how to handle
the situation. I’m also surprised at Texas. I really thought that the
Governor there was more on the ball.

Bear049 says:

More Than 100 People Being Monitored for Ebola Symptoms In Ohio!

TastyCritters says:

Has anyone noticed that there has been No update on Amber Vinson since
Thur. night?? Or either of the boyfriends??
They are lacking in the whole update category throughout Texas pretty much.
Got lots of distractions though. Try to find a medical status update. I
tried for 3 hrs. last night—Nothing. 

brittany collins says:

Dahboo have u heard about Purdon Texas?? The family of 5 all infected with
ebola community has 133 residents. Its supposly quarantined no electricity,
cell service FULL MEDIA BLACKOUT! i guess they have swat on site going door
2 door to check for symptoms. Anyone stepping outside is being shot on
site.. then there eventually relocated to camps aka FEMA CAMPS! CHECK IT
OUT! let me know what u think 

Kaidec0910 says:

I live in Ohio and had no idea she had gone to a nursing
convention/seminar. So now all these nurses have gone back to their city
after being in a room with her. Not liking this one bit.

Christine Montgomery says:

That’s what I wear when I go shopping here in Austin. People look at me
weird, but I also wear gloves…we gotta do that now and keep kids home
till the govt stops importing people here from Africa.

Matt Isanon says:

shared in my facebook group killuminati 2015

John Argabright says:

I can’t help but wonder when the smoke clears what federal laws will be in
acted. They have said this could have spread through plane, boat, bus, and
I am sure subways are next. Seems the federal gov’t will mandate how we
will be allowed to travel. Hope this doesn’t happen. I hope.. I am wrong.

elmo mariolix says:

hope those people don’t let them get a vaccine shot. As a hmmmm hmmmm

Austin Costello says:

I’m about 2 hours away from there

horsefaceemily says:

Dont have the Ebola vaccine, Its cancer It will kill you simple,thay want
you t run for the jab and you will In 60 days like lemings off a Jewish

Michael Chalmers says:

Either this is one colossal lie and there is no Ebola? Or it’s an aerosol
virus that the government is cautiously covering up? I hear both arguments,
what the fuck is it?

Diademglo says:

STAY ON IT!!! good reporting , yes, everybody has ADD and wrap their mind
around that incubation factor.

horiadragoiu says:

the planet needs cleansing. There are too many pests. Human pests.

Cheryl Jenkins says:

This has diffenently been weoponized. Ty daboo

MerrCA says:

Obama, let’s see you kiss and hug an Ebola victim.

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