Monkey Meat and the Ebola Outbreak in Liberia

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VICE News Exclusive: Part 1 of “The Fight Against Ebola” – West Africa is being plagued by a new outbreak of Ebola — a terrifying …


VICE News says:

Check out Part 1 of our exclusive documentary, *The Fight Against Ebola*:

Moni Poppaea Di Maria says:

After watching this i want to kill somebody. How the fuck you can eat
You can’t EAT ALL ANIMALS you stupid.

Eating monkey meat and GOD curse you NOW with EBOLA stupid people Think for
you eating.
You treath animals with NO REPSECTA You are CURSED FOR LIFE.

So sad for the Animals :( Stupid Humans 

Lynn Lee says:

Africa eat monkeys asia eat dogs~~

christy weng says:

Someway, somehow, most viruses, or diseases come from animals. Seriously,
how do you even eat monkey? That’s not understandable at all. I’ve realized
that some parts of Africa is unable to produce crops or fruits but
hobestly, bushmeat is a luxury and not a necessity. The government should
have done something about it because the people of africa are going against
them. I’m not going to be mean, I’m going to be critical. The Africans
legit introduced ebola into the world. If it wasn’t for them, this outbreak
wouldn’t be happening and bushmeat wouldn’t be continued. They didn’t
create ebola but the started it because they started to eat primates. It’s
disgusting and uncalled for. Plus the government in Africa is retarded. Why
isn’t it doing anything!? It’s pretty easy to assumed that alot of Africans
are going to be wiped out if the keep eating bushmeat. They are eating
animals that they randomly find, and you don’t even know what they have, if
they have anything. It’s dirty and disgusting.

Børn Å Łegenđ says:

So knowing that West Africans are poor & have to resort to eating “Bush
meat” for protein… Racist ass white mfs injected the animals with Ebola &
caused the outbreak…

U dumb racist ass honkies on here callin Africans animals & saying they are
uncivilized because they are poor. Fuck yall. & when all yall burn hell I
bet its going to smell like bacon & bbq u pork faced mfs!

Mike P says:

I fucking hate all these ignorant ass people blaming Africa for it’s
problems. And to those who say ‘wait, why wouldn’t we blame them for THEIR
PROBLEMS?’, I suggest you take a look at history and realize how
destabilized Africa became at the slave trade, and that before it they
weren’t far behind Europe. And yeah it may have been hundreds of years ago,
but do yourself a favor and look at the clear impact it had on a whole
fucking continent. It makes me feel so selfish when i see what these people
have. I have everything, they have nothing, yet they somehow go through
their day with a smile on their face. Not only that, here in the good ole’
US of A, slaughterhouse conditions are pretty disgusting. Luckily we can
afford to pump them full of antibiotics and all types of shit (which by the
way are fucking horrible for us) so they don’t get diseased. But
regardless, the shit we eat is still pretty damn gross. Also we’re stupid
so we look at other countries and go ‘eww’ cause we have no sense of
culture outside of our own, we simply think things like ‘bush meat’ are
barbaric and uncivilized, so i apologize to Africans for the way my people
judge you. Please do not blame them, as what they’re seeing on this video
is the picture that they have in their mind when they hear the word
‘Africa’, along with starving children who are skin and bones. This is
based on the way Africa is portrayed in western mainstream media, and many
Americans pay attention to the media, and believe everything said as fact.
They’re so drowned in their own ignorance, that when you attempt to educate
them about the misconceptions they have, they won’t stand for it, so there
isn’t much we can do but hope the new generation of Americans (my
generation) comes out better, but i don’t see a bright future when i look
at my peers.

Idk if you’re a troll or something, i sort of assume you are. But if you’re
not, i’m ashamed we live in the same country. You may ‘work hard’, but
money can only bring the feeling of security to you obviously, sadly it
doesn’t cure ignorance and stupidity.

setthhyde says:

Fuckin African barbarians. They eat bush meat and all this shit you ain’t
supposed to eat! They eat gorillas, monkeys, bats. Dumb motherfuckers. They
created AIDS by eating monkeys and now we have Ebola. Fuck them.

slutypet says:

africans are so stupid

young scoot says:

Ebola is a living alien virus! If someone has been diagnosed with Ebola and
they’re not aware of it they can possibly become ZOMBIES!!! Listen very
carefully, Africans eat this thing called bush meat, bush meat really isn’t
what we Americans would eat but because Africa has such a low productive
system they really can’t afford to produce healthy foods like we can.

Bush meat is something like deer meat, bird meat, bat meat and monkey meat,
and eating monkey in West Africa of the last few years have really become
popular, since monkeys are the closes animals to resemble humans, eating
monkey meat in a way can pretty much be considered cannibalism and the
result of this occurring over the past few years have led to a virus
evolving in the human body which makes them want to eat more bush meat,
human meat can even be considered bush meat! And so the virus spreads via
through contact of the skin, bodily fluids, sex, and possibly short term
airborne viruses (like the flu). To make a long story short…


Mark my words the end is nigh!

themanshere74 says:

No wonder. Can’t they just raise chickens? Or is it too much work for those

Winsome Smith says:

has nothing to do with ‘monkey meat’ the white doctors are the ones that
brought the virus there and it is an airborne virus. Don’t be surprised if
this virus only affects people of color. Notice the news media in america
is confident they can control it, of course they can because it attacks
melanated people only. This is why they can say white doctors left with it
to america and now they are cured; so if they have the cure already, why
don’t they give it to the Africans? Because it is a psyop of genocide. I
wonder how stupid these people are…really. these white people are working
with the jews to kill Africans for their organs as whites are recessive and
melanin is life. Africans do NOT have Neanderthal DNA only whites and
asians. Africans are the original people and this is why they are targeted.

Marcus Moore says:

Wow these comments are so patheic.
The ignorance and stupidity of this modern generation and society.

soccerguy325 says:

Americans are overreacting. I swear to God, this is all going to amount to
nothing, at least in everywhere in the world besides West Africa. People
think it’s the end of the world, but Ebola will have virtually no lasting
effects in America. 

Ebola Chan says:

It’s good to see the locals so comfortable with me being in the area! ♥

Shaun Dee says:

Always the white man saving other races! It is about time we looked after
our own

Avishai David says:

I live her in America, I have never had of Bush meat, but I have had of
Kentucky Fried Chicken It’s delicious I was wandering if Liberians would
prefer that instead you know like normal people

Катя Лищина says:

The U.S.A. is a neo-nazi country that invented Ebola and infected Africans
with it. It isn’t the first time when they did it, they also invented HIV
and also brought it to Africa to reduce the population. Americans consider
themselves “exceptional” (even obama said that lately), the master nation,
the best in the world, the upper nation, therefore the interests of this
nation they put above the interests of others and ready to do anything for
the prosperity of their country, wherein they created the illusion of that
Americans bring peace and freedom, respect and tolerance to this world,
though it’s opposite if you look at history (for example americans are the
only nation that used nuclear weapon against people). All this done so
well, so that most of ordinary Americans are convinced of this illusion,
otherwise protests may start in America itself because many ordinary
Americans reject Nazism in any form, not all of them though. So this is a
new hidden form of Nazism of the 21st century, that’s why it’s called
neo-Nazism. I hope the BRICS countries will grow faster despite the
attempts of the USA to slow them down (for example that’s why americans
wage informational and economical war against Russia nowadays), so they
could destroy the economy and hegemony of the United States and save the
world from the last remaining Nazis.

Senator Armstrong, restoring America to its former glory says:

Ebola-chan is no joke. Soon she will take her conquest to Israel and begin
the downfall of the Jews. ♥ Ebola-chan, may she cleanse this world through

dhizcaribbeangirl didi says:

that is just disgusting !!!!!!!!!!! this is why i don’t eat from people
NASTY !!!! >.< Pure Nastiness !! ..................Knowing that those people still it that afterthe gornment ban it just shows how much they don't care ! im so happy none of those people won't be travelling to my country with their carelessness ! 


If you live in a place with vast other resources and still choose to eat
monkeys and bats you might deserve what you get.

King Memnon says:

The ebola disease was created to kills africans. this is man made disease
to depopulate africans. These disease was introduced to africa by so called
volunteers. I don’t know why stupid african leaders are allowing so called
volunteers on the african continent. they are working against africans.
These racist bastards are the one who created the disease

Frank Watson says:

Ebola has reached (and is going to spread) in America, because they deserve
it. It’s Allah’s Will.

therealblackbarbie barbie says:

They know ebola is a European made disease just like hiv and aids. These
diseases were created to exterminate blacks. It is an experimentation. 

dachicagoan says:

Its always the shit hole countries that we all have to depend on to contain
the deadliest viruses, and they drop the ball repeatedly (ebola, hiv, etc).
Is there anything these people can do?

Mobpuxxy says:

The Chinese eat all sort of shit but they don’t have have those crazy
viruses because they don’t let whitey come into their country and tell them
crazy stuff about their food. The problem with Africa is they let white
people come in as they please so of course they will bring all sort of
diseases and pretend it comes from the animals

Iten Dar Juan says:

OMG don`t eat monkeys! They`re too adorable! Ebola is too scary!!!

Mr FartSniffer says:


Soonjata El says:

If Ebola is so bad then why aren’t the people scared? An Ebola death, from
what I am hearing, is very dramatic indeed. Why aren’t the people aware of
this? Are you trying to tell me that Africans are so stupid they would risk
catching a life threatening disease just so they can eat monkey meat?! I
believe that VICE News is one big psy-ops.

heavysnow123 says:

for fuck sake
are we going to let these dirty filthy retarded bastards kill 1/3rd of the
worlds population?
i say we cut any and all travel to Africa, cut all aid to them, and
quarantine their nation. to stop the spread. this isnt something to play
around with, they basically gave it to themselves with their stupidity,
history repeats itself. its the 14th century all over again.

Mariam Abdou says:

Some are saying that ebola is really from the Red Cross shots 

ong kim says:

Total BULLSHIT,we CHINESE people eat every thing and we enjoy eating every
fucking things we eat,there are no EBOLA in CHINA…….HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
and moreover ,there are no such VIRUS EBOLA,may MARBURG

Reese Versace says:

Fucking sickos eating monkey meat!

Monsita R says:

Poor monkeys :(

Lexi Halloway says:

Guys Guess What…*There Is An Liberian Man In America with ebola, I MEAN

Ezell Harris says:

Uneducated fools. They say: “EBOLA isn’t real.” And then the guy’s wife cut
herself while preparing the monkey meat.

KingCat LXIX says:

First it’s AIDS in 1912, that has taken over the world. Now it’s Ebola. 70%
fatality rate and spreading to first world countries because of people who
care about these ignorant Monkeys they call Africans and fly back home.
Seal of any Africans going out from Africa and people going into Africa. I
don’t want any Ebola spreading and evolving to be Air borne with growing
fatality rates.

ladyshaw0698 says:

So now they are scared of diseases that don’t exist, calling it the disease
we don’t know. Starting at 16:23. Saying they are gonna eat more infected
meat, as if they know ( more like are planning) a stronger more deadly
disease to kill 1/3 of the world’s population. GET OUT OF HERE! And they’re
planning it in Africa.

Show us this video, from one small remote village in Liberia. Post it on
the internet, let it go viral, so when the next outbreak comes from
Liberia, we/ the world won’t be surprised. GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT

These people in this video don’t represent the whole of Liberia, no more
than Washington D.C. represents America, or a single block a city. Please
people, don’t fall for this! Listen to the language!

ArrthymiaAmoroso says:

My dear mother Trisa was mauled by a pitbull and needs help to pay for
medical expenses. Any donations and prayers are appreciated. I love you all
and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Crenshaw MotherfuckerZ says:

If sperm touches your body can you get ebola? Please Reply back

Adele Asefa says:

How can someone eat a fuckin monkey? Like wtf? Its creepy as fuck. Im
afraid that it it continues like this, they might start eating each other.

Moni Poppaea Di Maria says:

I stop watching this after 9 minutes. Can’t watch this. Feel sorry for the
monkeys :(

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