Mob raids Ebola treatment center in Liberia

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The fear of Ebola turned ugly in Liberia as an angry mob raided a treatment center in the largest slum in the capital of Monrovia. Doctors Without Borders have likened the Ebola outbreak in…


simhopp says:

bunch of idiots, intentionally going to the source of virus.
they all deserve to die.

tmillchr says:

Obviously, they know the americans are purposely spreading the disease in
Africa so that they can deploy troops and begin a new occupation.

aztlanwarrior1983 says:

What should we expect from animals?

D.W. Erickson says:

Dog spelt backwards is GOD

cassiopeia omar says:

All Those Infected people will ran away to U.S… Hahaha

Shanna Jones says:

Ride Four Horsemen! 

Gordon Woodroffe says:

The worlds fear over ebola is needless the cure is simple cheap and
plentiful but lol we won’t tell you what it is lol die mother fuckers
Hahahaha lol we’re doing agenda 21 time for you to die die die lol fools
die for want of knowledge lol bye fools lol

utubelesst says:

Will they hide in the brush, away from civilization that spreads disease,
or will they call upon The Holy Father through His Beloved Son?
Or will they stay around the gingerbread house, as guinea pigs?
Did you people forget that you are gods? Will you die, as dogs?
The Holy Father of gods, knows!
Does the forbidden tree drawing you? Does the snake charm your imagination?
REPENT, The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

halojump123 says:

Send Ebola to ferguson 

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