Microbiologist says: “We will be importing clusters of Ebola on a daily basis”

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westchesterny says:

Pretty funny that diseases are BEING IMPORTED IN TANDEM WITH "OBAMACARE"—-In other words, the government (the people who are cashing in on their positions in it) will make a ton of money if everyone gets sick

dollysinn says:

All those meds! You're not very healthy.

AussieJason says:

Can animals catch it, like cats and dogs… A dog licks you and you can get Ebola

Bill Riccio says:

are we supposed to quit are jobs and hide in our houses?  and for how long?

Napalm Tomahawk says:

The biggest lie being told is that if a person does not show symptoms then they are not contagious.  That is complete bullshit.  Would you take your chances having sex with an Aids patient who shows no symptoms?   A virus in a body can always be transmitted.

TheTubeTempest says:

Those soup cans don't have shit for calories. how many do you need to eat a day to get 2000 and then figure how much sodium is that many servings. You cant eat to much salt or you will need more water.    Get some lard, white rice, wheat berries, dried beans and lentils. Those are seeds and designed by nature to last for decades. you can also plant them. (not the rice)  you need tons of water to cook and drink and make bread with. 

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