“Martial Law” Ebola Quarantine 1 Million Sierra Leone

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Ebola epidemic has created Martial Law in Sierra Leone with 1 million people put into quarantine by the government http://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com also htt…


rhonda Inwood says:

The book of Revelation has NOT started. Why does he always refer to what
Revelation is saying? This confuses me. I am a christian

blissJesus1 says:

“Where I am at with God”? Acts 2:38
Because Jesus opened my eyes to the understanding of the scriptures: when
he gave the great commission in Matthew 28:19 Peter and the rest of the
Apostles carried it out in the Book of Acts, and we see it in the Epistles
as well.
If someone really wants to be saved, and we’re fix’n to find out who, there
should be no problem receiving this doctrine, sound doctrine I say

improv777 says:

Easily terrorist could bring Ebola here to the United States and release
it. I am sure that is what will ultimately happen.

Joseph Doyen says:

I personally believe somebody could have engineered all this. It’s amazing
that something like this hasn’t happened in the West.

Nathan Aqui Y Alla. says:

I don’t think Pastor Paul is interpreting correctly the 7 plagues. But I
still love Brother Paul.

rhonda Inwood says:

During The Great Tribulation Revelations will play out….this is only
birthing pains to days of sorrows

Sonia Stovall says:

Well, that’s one way to get rid of a population. Expose some to a deadly
disease and lock up those who are healthy with those who are affected.
Eventually, they’ll all die; mission accomplished. I hope and pray this is
not the case. God help us.

Jude Stringfellow says:

The Liberian papers are claiming the US and western Europe have created
this bioweapon to use against their enemies. I can see that happening, but
it is of the devil no matter what or who is behind it. God is good. He
would not do it, it is the work of the evil ones.

Honey Pie says:

Amen! Preach it Pastor! GBU!

Christian Forever says:

Paul, your understanding of the Book of Revelation is a bit skewed…there
is no way ebola is the first of the 7 bowl judgments because you must first
have the 7 seals broken and the 7 trumpets blown. God’s Wrath begins to be
poured out at the opening of the 6th seal. Now I believe we are beginning
to see the opening of the first 5 seals, but we are gone just before that
6th seal opens, so we will not see the bowl or vial judgments. However, I
believe Islam and ebola are both a part of the fourth seal being opened.
Revelation 6:7-8 is more appropriate here: 7And when he had opened the
fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.
8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was
Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the
fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with
death, and with the beasts of the earth.
The beasts spoken of can be microscopic in their definition. I guess it’s
pretty clear who death and hell are and the horse here in the Greek is
chloros, not pale. Chloros means green and who’s banner and main colors
are green, Islam, of course. 

TheBride HisChurch says:

This same “Chaos” is coming to America very very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The
Saviour will be back very very soon as we are already seeing part three of
the outpouring of the seventh vial as of September 22nd 2014 “air strikes”
ordered by Obama. Part one were the 9/11/2001 “air strikes on the NYC twin
towers. Part two was the global economic collapse in 2008 aka “global
economic earthquake” … Rev16:17-19. This gospel is being preached since
the Gutenberg printer and publishing of the Gutenberg bible. Mark 13:10.
The signs are clear. The end is here. He’s coming back soon. 2014???
2015??? Time will surely tell. Watch and pray. Luke 21:34-36. Blessings. 

Jane Doe says:

ARE YOU SERIOUS? Get some Dunkin’ Donuts Hazelnut coffee up in here! Lol.

ArielView says:

we haven’t even gotten to chapter 4 v 1 of revelation, so , no, this is not
one of those last plagues. it could be however, nwo is experimenting with
plagues, to see what will be the outcome. 

Brave Heart says:


YeaWhatevah says:

5,000,000 more then we’re talkin!

Skyfilly says:

Yep they are practicing to try that here. You do not want to be here when
the restrainer of this evil is snatched away. God does not want anyone to
perish but He won’t force anyone to be in heaven in His presence. You have
to want to be with Him forever.. 

LIFEGUARD805 says:

It won’t take a terrorist to bring Ebola into the US. The elites are
already moving the virus around and it is being “planted” in larger cities
in W.Africa. It’s not terrorist, it’s the Elite. Did you see the update on
the Georgia guide stones this week? 

Red October says:

This is why folks need to PREP and PREPARE, aside from getting saved, stock
up on food, water, medical supplies, and other items if Martial Law happens
in a town near you in America….people will be limited in travel and this
will cause shortage of supplies for all.

Joseph Doyen says:

So is Ebola already airborne?? Is that a fact?

Jude Stringfellow says:

We need to be careful not to say that this ebola is part of the trumpets or
bowls being poured out, as they have not been yet. It will be MUCH worse.
This is the beginning perhaps, but not the tribulation, not yet. There is
still a LITTLE time. 

Ash Qelon says:

fear rules you frauds on YT .

great “guarantee ” you offer when you are shown that you are wrong, Again!

gina bug says:

if prosecution of Christians is not enough proof you are in Revelations
maybe when they come to prosecute you maybe then you will realize it will
begin like a whisper 

Bonnie Fogg says:

Rev not in order.. and the seventh seal brought forth the 1st trumpet and
the 7th trumpet brought forth the 1st vial.. God is not the author of
confusion.. I read the chapters in Godly Order.. check it out.. there is a
pause between the seals, trumpets, vials.. just saying.. 

Carl Coglianese says:

Paster, could aids have been 1st, know ebola number 2? carl

enriuru says:

What a fuck is going on with the “scenario” behind you?..is moving like

Troy Bryant says:


Rick Gray says:

I am not Christian but am glad to see you informing the public about this
Ebola crisis. Keep us updated! Like your videos pastor.

Edna Thackeray says:
Heather Schwarz says:
Rosemarie Calabro says:

I see a large human lab. Those poor people; this is so wrong! Praying for
all there.

TSDREX says:

Well Africa is a poor Country, not very good healthfare, So other
countries Like U.K will be fine, there people who made Aids etc so ofc if
it gets to Big nations They’ll simply make a cure i don’t see many Top
researchers in africa. But i don’t care if i die, embrace death like You
have embraced life from the start you was born, nothing lasts forever. If
our planet dies a new planet spawns with life its a re-cycle of Life,
Objects, particles And so on. So stop being a drama queen and trying
things sound worse when thier are not. You make up bullshit to get views,
you make bullshit to get subs your full of shite Please make more sense

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