Mandatory quarantine from Ebola zone for N.J. and N.Y.

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New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett discusses the new mandatory quarantine policy for NY and NJ.


supermot34 says:

Another hoax to control and manipulate the masses. It's all propaganda, psychological operations, and social engineering. 

Jazy Moonchild says:

Future medical dictatorship…your body doesn't belong to you anymore.

Michael Bousquet says:

These healthcare workers who came from those ebola areas should really stfu. Your honor system of self-quarantine is bs and you know it. Just look at mr.spencer here, who felt okay and went bowling and shopping…Yeah that's your honor system. You talk about your human rights being violated, how about the rest of us? Do we give in to your highness (more of your hiney) and just trust you because we know you're trust-worthy enough to stay indoors and not go out, so you can give us OUR peace of mind? Of all the politicians, these governors who decided to protect us (the 99%) from you, know the concern that we all have. We know you want to be recognized as heroes and probably expect a heroes welcome but instead be quarantined for 21 days, sounds too harsh for you. But guess what, you decided to go and help them, it is your duty to make sure and i mean 100% sure you do not give us what you might have brought with you. That is all. So stfu about your rights being violated. Releasing you will be a violation of our right to have the peace of mind about our families safety and health after we find out we sat right next to you in the path train on your way home because you already felt sick.

Michel de Nostredame says:

Ebola zone?… now this sh*t is got real every day… if you thing Ebola is in NY… please type: Ebola in Detroit… that video will scare you shit out…

Mar Ag says:

he should have never came back into this country! we need to close the borders. and worry about our people! quarantine them outside of america before he ever came back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

matt k says:

Why is this fucking bitch defending him? He was ordered to stay home from work for a reason and he should have stayed home way more then he did. HE NEEDS TO GET CHARGED WITH ATTEMPTED MURDER!!!

Shane Fredrick Kinsman says:

IF THEY SHUT DOWN INCOMING FLIGHTS FROM THE HIGH RISK COUNTERIES, THERE WOULD BE A 100% DECREASE OF EBOLA COMING INTO AMERICA FROM THAT REGION !!!!!! Is it worth giving up our lives and wasting BILLIONS of tax dollars to let  7,000 non American potentially diseased people enter the country each week? (That's only from Sierra Leone) These people are not going back when their visa's expire. Why would they? Their country is in crisis!!  (nothing new) (Sarcasm alert) So sure, why not, we'll give them housing, food, clothes, medical and college. We'll even throw in a cell phone just because the president said so! Heck, it doesn't even matter if they have Ebola, we'll still take them in, who cares if it infects innocent citizens trying to make a living to support their family. Don't you know? We're expendable, besides more people die from falling down the stairs each year than Ebola has killed. (JUST WAIT, IN SIX MONTHES SEE HOW THAT ALL CHANGES)
  How are these people contributing anything to our society when they can't even maintain their own. It's A LOSING  SITUATION. But hey, what do I know, I'm only a tax paying American with no voice. That's what the new America is all about. LIES, DECEPTION, MORE LIES, THEN YOU DIE!! Ain't life grand??? 

Paul Kim says:

What's Ebola

Caged says:

Fuck…I just came from NY.  Should I quarantine myself?

HilarityBribo says:

Just another lovely feature of globalism.

Thanks as always libs.

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